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Final Fantasy VII (7) PC Download

  • 5.99 , PC, Other 12/22/12 No value

PLEASE PLAY THIS GAME. Widely considered to be the best game of all time, probably by me included. In fact, I just played this game a year or two ago on my PS3 for the first time. Yes, it shows it's age as a 8 pixel PS1 game, but the story and music are really first rate. There's a reason this game still has such a huge following.

Available from the Square store for $5.99

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Love FF7 so much.


One of the first RPG's i ever played as a kid.   Enjoyed it a lot.  I wonder if it will be a different experience now i have 10 + years under my belt since last time?



I replayed it either last summer or the one before that. It definitely showed it's age in the graphics department, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. 

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