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Site Stats, Content Polls, and Tiger Sharks



Content Poll  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. What would you like to see more of on Elder Souls? (please leave feedback in comments)

    • Articles and Guides
    • Traaginen Content (articles, blogs, etc. written by yours truly)
    • Forum Activity
    • Expansion into Different Games (e.g. Diablo III, BLOPS 2, etc.)
    • Moar Comics
  2. 2. Where did you hear about Elder Souls? TRR Members need not vote. Seriously, guys, don't vote.

    • I was searching for something on Google (or a different search engine), clicked a link to the site, and created an account.
    • I was linked here by a related site (Skyrim Perk Calculator, Skyrim Forums, Yahoo Answers, etc.) - Post which in comments!
    • I heard about it from a friend.
    • I'm a TRR member and want to vote, dammit.
  3. 3. On the following scale, what would you rate your experience here as?

    • Terrific, this is my favorite site of all time!!!1
    • I enjoy it.
    • Meh.
    • It kind of sucks, I don't know why I'm here.
    • I would blow up your offices if you had any.

User Feedback Poll

Sappy Explanation

Here at ElderSouls.com we care about you, the user. This is a fan site with user generated content, after all, and we wouldn't be going very far without any of you. That's precisely why we're having a feedback poll on this blog to get some answers on ways we can improve the experience here for everyone. It's a pretty basic poll, so if you have any additional comments or suggestions you're encouraged to leave them below in the comments (or make a new thread if they're substantial).

Sappy Emoticon Providing a 1,000 Word Synopsis of Our Relationship

:wub: Let's keep it PG for the kids.

ES Statistics with Google Analytics

Did you just do that on purpose?


You know, rhyme with the orange title.

Since when did you start becoming a bolded alter-ego instead of a sub-title?

I don't know, man. I was just wondering.

Well maybe you should stop doing that and get back to work, none of those headings make any sense... And yes.

Okay. Chart?



Visit statistics for ElderSouls.com from April 10th to May 10th.

My favorite part is the 60% drop off after April 22nd.

Who asked you, anyways? But yeah, I don't know. Google released a new search algorithm around that time and it wasn't particularly fond of us. On the bright side, we've bounced back rather nicely in recent weeks. The far left side of the graph was pretty typical before that random huge increase that occurred after April 13th. The cause of that, you ask? Well...


ElderSouls.com is the #1 search result for the bug.


A Moderately popular thread with 5k+ views in a couple of weeks.

The Google gods smiled lovingly down upon us simple mortals, and blessed us with a #1 at best, high at worst search ranking for that specific problem. We're really important now, apparently.

I want to know more about that giant, sexy peak that happened on April 22nd, dammit!

Okay, okay. Calm down. I'm not sure if you're my schizophrenic anti-personality or a demanding Blexun on the other end of an IRC conversation.


Statistics for April 22nd, 2012. Teh best dai evar (for now).

Yeah, I don't really know. Can't complain about those results, though, even if they were only a one-time thing up until this point. See my Introduction to Site Metrics entry for more details on what, exactly, the hell it is any of that Latin means. Few things to take away from this...

  • That bounce rate is horrible. Hooorrrriiiibblle. It means ~70% of people are landing on their first page and leaving before navigating to a second page on this site. I think that's more an ailment of our situation (forum based on Gaming) opposed to any serious indication that something's going wrong.
  • 700+ individual people visited the site on that day.
  • You can't tell from this chart, but Elder Souls is exponentially more popular every Sunday compared to the other days of the week, and surprisingly always has a decent output Monday. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  • That is a pointless and poorly place pie chart.

Well, enough of statistics. Due to popular demand (people bitching on other blog entries when it's not included), I bring you what you've been waiting for...

Hilarious Search Queries


Tiger Sharks

Yeah, seriously. I don't know. All those searches get pointed to TRR's Achievement of the Week thread where the off-topic conversation of the century occurred.

Mother Fuckin' Tiger Sharks? People Google that? Bitches be serious?

Apparently. TRR actually made it to the very 1st page of Google's images with that beauty (and the rank is rising several per day...). The funny thing? It's not even a Tiger Shark...


TRR's Tiger Shark.

I guess when school kids across the country don't understand why their pet Tigers aren't sharks and die in the water, they can blame us for redefining the fish (animal?). Seriously, we're the ONLY site on the first page that isn't a legitimate Tiger Shark. Cheers!

Well, it's not porn. I'm surprised.

Yeah, but don't regain your faith in humanity just yet. I didn't show you any of the "Elder Boobs" search results that have been popping up. Want to see the types of images we're competing against?

What?! No! I'm out of here.

Fair enough. Make sure you come back as title headings next time so people don't think I'm crazy.





Well, looks like he's gone, and my hands are starting to hurt. So... Until the next entry!

Remember to leave comments and suggestions below!


Recommended Comments

why is trr forums a sub forum on a sykrim forum. its like setup for failure. not trying to offend, but it looks unorganized and not clan focused. XD

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TRR is the RuneScape sub-section of a gaming community. Right now, Skyrim is our front-end just because when we launched that's what practically everyone was playing (TRR also moved after said Skyrim launch). We'll eventually (soon?) move the Skyrim forums to it's own sub-section just like TRR (and the Diablo 3 shell that's not being used at the moment). TRR has its own index/landing page and everything, though, so it's really not any different besides the initial confusion of some original members.

Why did TRR move in the first place? It's because no one would donate for hosting besides Brad.

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