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Thank. God. For. Ramen.

Honestly, where would our contry be without ramen. How many college students would we have lost to hunger? I love ramen, I basically live off the stuff. Chicken, Beef, shrimp. Variety, variety is good. Ramen is good. Think of the lives saved by that 4$ bulk pack of ramen. Stoeffers too. I dont know who she is, but that bitch can sure make a good mac n cheese.


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I've personally been addicted to Campbell's chunky chili as my go-to dorm food. It's surprisingly filling but it kind of scares me since I only have to microwave it for 90 seconds and there's actually a generous amount of meat in there. Well, then again, considering it costs me $5...

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Well, then again, considering it costs me $5...

$5 a serving, or $5 a package?

Ramen is definitely one of my favorite meals, and I'm not even close to going to college yet. If the sodium didn't kill me, I would eat Ramen noodles continuously as my sodium levels stretch into the millions.

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I haven't had ramen in months! Must. Buy. Some. ASAP.. Stouffers cheddar baked potato with bacon.....*Drool* ..I would die without those.

Yeah I actually buy that specific everytime time I do buy Stouffers. I need to branch out into the lasagna though D:
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