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An update

Posted by Eric the Bard, 10 October 2012 · 6,434 views

So, I probably do have Wilson's disease. After having tiny parts of my liver removed and examined and several other tests, they have come to the conlcusion that I might have Wilson's disease. They are doing a test that will tell more certain if I do have it, however it can only confirm that I have it, and can not confirm that I don't have it... So I've started treatment today. The medicine will be sponsored by the state, however the first time I had to pay for it, and later get money back. The price is insane. 645 USD. It's a lifelong disease, and I might not ever drink alcohol :'( I'll discuss that with my doctor later though. There is also some kinds of food that I shouldn't eat much of, just once in a while. Chocolate is one of them, becasue there is copper in it, and that is what my body can't handle. Now I'm just waiting to se if my stomach starts to hurt because of the medicine...

Well, that stinks. Doesn't alcohol play a large role in Scandinavian culture? If so, that stinks even more. And not being able to eat chocolate is pretty bad, too. I hope you are at least able to drink, and not miss out on too many good foods besides chocolate.
Apparently this is what you're supposed to avoid...

mushrooms, nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, liver, and shellfish.

Chocolate is the only thing that would really be a bother to me. It's unfortunate, though. Hope things go well with the medication. :smile:
^^ I knew, I got a long list. I only mentioned chocolate for tge same reason.
I would have a problem with not being able to eat chocolate, peanuts, or banana chips. I hope you find some sort of alternative. I wish you the best in handling this, but look at the bright side. You'll make a lot of friends as a designated driver!
^^ My doctor said the same thing, or I vould earn a lot of mobey from it.
Argh! Can't edit or quote on mobile...
omg im so sorry to hear that... i hope everything goes well for you and i hope the medicine isnt rough on ya.. that really sucks man... i support ya, if you need someone to talk to hit me up

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