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My toe (yet again)

Posted by Eric the Bard, 14 April 2012 · 1,964 views

As you all should know, as I've been ranting about it everywhere, I've had an operation in my toe. But that's not the only problem. Today, I managed to kick my toe into the stairs, and it did hurt... a lot. But I often do kick into stuff. Probably because I got gigantic feet. My shoe size is; America; 14,5 UK; 14 and Europe; 49. I'm curious to see if anyone else in the clan have bigger or as big feet, as I find it humanly impossible. It's not very easy to find shoes either, but people in Norway do have big feet, and shops are taking in bigger sizes, and the population's feet are growing.

This post does not really got much to do with my toe, really. But I can also include that the surgeon gave me a note saying I can't go to school for the next few days, and therefore I've had lots of time playing RuneScape :)

Actually, I got something else to say aswell. Do you think I should change my greeting from Hi nubs! ? I feel that it's a part of my identity, so I don't really want to change it, but people get offended. I don't see why though, as nub CLEARLY isn't the same as noob!

14.5? How tall are you?

My shoe size is 12, which is definitely above average but not close ro 14.5.
Well you know what they about people with big feet. They have big shoes.
I managed to kick into the stairs again... And I'm 185 cm, about 6 feet
Well damn. I'm only 10 and half D:

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