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Posted by Eric the Bard, 21 March 2012 · 5,646 views

Today my brother found out that he was accepted to the National Music High School as the only one to be accepted in his category! High School in Norway is not the same as in America, it's the same level as University really. He plays the piano, incase you're wonering. Jazz. I don't really like jazz though. I'm kinda looking forward to him moving out, as he makes a lot of noice and I don't like jazz, which is mostly the kind of music he plays.

I was actually going to post pictures of my giant feets, but that will be for later, as it is too late now. I think there was something else aswell, but I have completely forgotten.

You also get to move into his room and take all of his things. It happened to me when I moved out. T.T
I don't really want his really messy room with a siht-ton of guitars...
You can always take out the guitars or donate them to my brother, who would love to have them.

Jazz is nice though. What do you listen to?
It's been quite silent latrly, since I haven't decided what to listen too... I recently listened to rap, radio NRK P3(lots of different music) and most recently I've bern listening to MIA.

Aldo, my brother is mostly into experimental/improvised jazz. Sone jazz aint too bad, but what he listens too is pretty bad...

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