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A little blood never hurt

Posted by Unknown ProbLem, 02 May 2012 · 1,597 views

Well as some of you know, I enjoy hardstyle music, and the melbourne shuffle dance. I decided to go the extra mile and duct tape my shoes "like a cool kid". It worked amazingly, to my surprise, however today i felt i should remove it and apply a new layer. My shoes are somewhat fine, little stickier right now without the tape but you may be wondering about the title now.

here's the fun part, while removing said duct tape, i was holding my scissors incorrectly (because it's all i could think to use) and I accidently squeezed down a little on them and cut the top and bottom of my little finger. Turns out it isnt too bad, just a little unusualness to my very casual day and figured I would share with you guys, and warn... don't cut duct tape or remove it with scissors.

Sounds like an interesting life :P

Although, I don't have much to blog about either... I just do it.
Well, i hopefully won't forget about the blog, but more random things do tend to happen to me. so who knows? Just look around every once and a while for it? xD

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