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The Hobbit - As in I just read it, I realize i'm a tad late.

Posted by cheekychips, 29 July 2012 · 29,420 views

Just read the hobbit this past week, and i must say its lived up to the "classic" hype. Quite frankly its been a while since I've enjoyed a fictional book so much. I'm always a lover of journeys and runescapish tales. (Fun fact, Mithril actually was a metal that originated from the Lord of the Rings)

So, who doesnt enjoy reading a story about a midget with hairy feet?

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Lord knows I do ;)

From what I understand a major motion picture is coming out for this book, though I do not believe it will be able to do this great book justice. There is far too much to cover in that short 2 hours, so much lore and history to work in that I feel it will fall short of offering everything Tolkien's novel has to offer.

The book starts out slow, with Bilbo hanging around his little hobbit home, smoking his pipe (if you've read the book, you've become familiar with Tolkien's obsession with smoke rings) When suddenly, Gandalf the wizard approaches Bilbo (the main character/hobbit). Within a chapter, Bilbo finds himself smack in the middle of an adventure.

Before you know it, they're on their merry way, and you're taken on a beautifully descriptive journey through the mountains, swamps, and dark woods of this new world. If theres one thing I enjoyed most, its that Tolkien slips in mythology and history of these lands without preaching it. Confrontations with trolls and goblins become gateways to understanding why dwarves dont trust goblins, or why elves trade only with men. Im kind of a history buff as it is, so learning about a history completely new to me kinda excites me.

Bilbo's magnificent journey is kind of a a coming of age tale, except its not. Thats stupid, why would you even suggest that? Its a tale of how he becomes confident in himself and his skills, and discovers in himself a newfound love for adventure. And the reader slowly discovers that gandalf is one bad ass MF.

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Gandalf is a badass

The battle scenes are epic. The journey is entertaining, exciting, and does not drag on like other books. The constantly changing perils present fresh problems which constantly challenge bilbo's shortcomings. The ending was great, and very satisfying. I fully recommend this book to anyone who enjoys runescapish lore or journey books.

Good time to bring this up. They're actually turning the book into three movies I believe, so hopefully they'll be able to cover a good deal of it. I know that they dropped most of the story in the original trilogy as that was three books made into three movies.

Have you read the books that go with the movie trilogy already out? I remember trying but failing since it was so dry. I was only in middle school, though, so it's not fair to say.
I'm going to buy the books going with the movie trilogy on my kindle and read through them all, from what I've heard they're very good.
I've heard that the Hobbit was good, as well as the 2nd and 3rd Lord of the Rings books. However, I've heard that the 1st LotR book was a 300+ page story about walking.
To be honest i'm a little taken back that a lot of you guys havent read this, from what i understand its a common required read in schools :o
I only read the "dwarf party" part of The Hobbit in the 8th grade. By that part, people complained the book sucked and we switched to some book about a witch. And by "people" I mean that group of teenage girls that always sit together and spam your Facebook with what they are doing as a group cause "OMG OUR LYFE".

I always heard it was two movies, not three. I could be wrong though.
I've never heard of The Hobbit being required reading anywhere. That just seems weird. We had stuff like The Great Gatsby and The Death of a Salesman.
I have read the Hobbit and started reading LotR some time ago. I'm a bit into the second book, but I can't be bothered to read more of it at the moment. The first book is pretty
Much about walking, but I did not find it that boring, because of Tolkiens story telling. Also, one of my favourite characters has a part in it, but was not included in the movies.

I've heard that the Hobbit was good, as well as the 2nd and 3rd Lord of the Rings books. However, I've heard that the 1st LotR book was a 300+ page story about walking.

yea im currently having to do an essay on the fellowship of the ring for my english class and its a pretty good read.. basically it just tells you that bilbo was forced by gandalf to give the ring up to frodo and the whole story is about him and his best freind sam walking to have it destroyed. but agreed, the second and third books were alot better. great story though :) cnt wait to see the Hobbit
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