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New Home Page

Posted by David, 24 August 2012 · 2,593 views

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You seem like someone with some suggestions. I think you're going to leave them in the comments below, amiright? :)

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Those of you who navigate to ElderSouls.com instead of having the forums bookmarked have probably noticed that we have a new home page installed at http://eldersouls.com/. I am MUCH happier with this new layout (although it is a ways from being finished), primarily because the width is fixed. Fixed width layouts allow every user to see the same design regardless of what screen size or resolution they're using; this makes designing something that looks halfway decent much better. It's also easily viewed by most mobile phones now.

I've also installed Disqus as a replacement commenting system for Guests (currently on articles and the content system only). This might be temporary depending on what I get for feedback, which I would really appreciate - especially suggestions for improvements. There's still a few issues and bugs, but those should be dealt with soon enough.

Thanks for your time, and remember to feel free to leave comments!

Hmm...the front page looks more professional, but it's take some getting used to for me. I feel like the naked view makes things look cleaner. I wasn't sure in the third question whether you were refering to the home page or article view. I assumed you meant the home page, in which case I wouldn't mind either way. I did feel the old format a bit easier to navigate, though. I don't know what it was.
For the third question I meant we'd get rid of the header here (with the Skyrim dude) and replace it with the static menu that follows you.

I should also mention that with the new layout it's also now mobile compatible. I've also re-done the navigation to make it slightly more obvious/easier to navigate since posting this, though I think it's mostly unfamiliarity. After all, all of the navigation links are the same, just in a different place.

I guess the Page->Category->Article stuff is gone, but I doubt most of you ever read the articles from there anyway.
I love the new layout for the front page, like Squishy said, it is definitely much much more professional and sleek. I think however, it may be a bad move to turn the entire forum into that though, as it would probably be not only a hard task, but something that would definitely take a long time to get used to, and in the long run may even hinder you.

I think you've done an amazing job on the coding and I'm actually learning to do what you're doing. Like I posted, I'm learning HTML and CSS this year. I'm curious what else there would be to updates there could be on the site. I can't wait, and I hope that over time it gets easier to for articles to be posted and such, along with the evolving of the site.
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