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A Profile in Heroism: Taylor Swift's Legs

Posted by David, 28 March 2012 · 1,635 views

Annnd if you're reading this, it means you've mistakenly chanced your way upon the new blog I'll be occasionally updating. I've decided that I can't constantly harp at you users about getting involved with all of the site's features without following my own advice... So, here I am. With a blog! Hint: Make your own.

Anyways, this blog is where I'll post various analysis, issues, and events concerning ElderSouls.com. It's not replacing the News and Announcements forum. Rather, this is a place where I'll delve into some hopefully interesting statistics, and potentially humorous search results stamped with my trademark sarcasm.

Speaking about that, I couldn't hold my favorite search query from today to myself...

Of course, I couldn't let our poor guest down without giving him what he came for... So thanks to hours upon hours on photoshop, I'm pleased to announce that ElderSouls.com now has its own official pair of Taylor Swift legs! Now there will be something here waiting for people who search for such a thing. Enjoy!

Coming next week... The "katy perry tits" search keyword. Don't worry, Google, I gyb!

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Posted Image

1. I am both very excited and horribly upset at this blog.
2. Why is Taylor Swift an Asian troll?
3. Dem Knees.
4. I found out I was a leg/butt guy today and this satisifies neither.
1. Hi.
2. Tbh I've never associated that face with "asian" as much as "woman" in general. I don't think there's a non-asian female troll face at any rate. And it's a troll because some kid is going to come here expecting nudes and get the first SFW google picture of T-swift. Muahahaha.
3. Dem CBS advertisements.
4. Same. Also that sounds like a story.
Backs over racks ! you may take that however you like.....that as well
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