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Advertising on ElderSouls.com

Looking to advertise? There's some good news! We're currently selling advertisement packages on a 30-day basis with a flat monthly rate. Our available packages are as follows.

  1. $59.99/30 days
    A 728 x 90 leaderboard that is displayed "above the fold" in the header on every page of the website.

    This package will display your advertisement(s) in the stated location...
  2. $29.99/30 days
    A 728 x 90 leaderboard that is displayed in the footer on every page of the website.

    This package will display your advertisement(s) in the stated location...
  3. $29.99/30 days
    A 728 x 90 leaderboard that is integrated within site content (e.g. forum topics and articles).

    This package will display your advertisement(s) in the stated location...
  4. $19.99/30 days
    The mobile banner is presented exclusively on the mobile version of our website, where it is the sole advertisement displayed on every page. It utilizes a fixed position at the bottom of the device's screen to scroll with the user as they browse.

The Process

This section provides step-by-step instructions on how to advertise on ElderSouls.com. For additional information or assistance, please feel free to contact support.

Choosing an Advertisement

We determine the rates for our advertisement packages by analyzing their impressions, clicks, and income over the previous 30 days, and then slightly adjust them based on our expectations for traffic changes for the upcoming month (if applicable). As a result, our rates should be a fairly accurate indication of how each advertisement will perform relative to our other ad units.

If you would like specific information regarding the previous or expected performance of an individual ad unit, you can submit an inquiry and we'll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Purchasing an Advertisement

  1. View the available advertising packages in our store. Click the "Add to cart" button associated with your desired package.
  2. You will be presented with several options to configure your advertisement.
    • Target URL
      Enter the address of the page that users will be taken to once your ad has been clicked.
    • Image URL
      If you prefer to use your own hosting or external hosting for your banner image, enter the image link here.
    • Upload Image
      If you want your banner image to be hosted by us, you can upload it by selecting "Choose File."
    • Renewal
      You may or may not be presented with a choice of renewal options depending on the package you are purchasing. Renewals are the price you will pay if you later decide to extend your advertisement's duration to include the next 30-day cycle.
    Click "Add to cart" to finalize the advertisement's settings.
  3. Once at the shopping cart, check that everything is in order and then select "Checkout."
  4. If you have been shopping as a guest, you will be prompted to either log in or to enter information for a new account. Fill out the required information (and if you so desire, the optional information) and click continue. If you already have an account and are logged in, you may disregard this step.
  5. You should now be on the confirmation page. Select one of the following payment methods under the "How would you like to pay?" dropdown.
    • Automatic Renewals
      Select this if you know that you want to renew your advertisement for the next 30-day cycle following your initial purchase. PayPal will create a subscription which automatically bills your account after a 30-day cycle ends. This allows your advertisements to remain uninterrupted without any additional effort on your part.
    • Manual Renewals
      No subscription or automatic billing; one-time, manual payments.
    If you've been given a special coupon, you can enter it on this page by clicking "I have a coupon to use."
  6. Click "Confirm My Order" to be taken off-site to PayPal to complete the transaction. Once that's done, you're finished!
Once the transaction has completed, your advertisement will be queued for administrator approval. Once approved, the advertisement will begin appearing on our pages. Don't be alarmed if your advertisement doesn't appear right away, or if it appears to be rotating with other ads -- it will take awhile for the changes to propagate.

Managing Your Purchases

You can manage or check the status of your advertisements (and other purchases) via the client area. This section of our website also allows you to view basic impression and click statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's be honest, people come up with a lot of questions. Our FAQ covers those that are, well, frequently asked. For all others, don't be shy - contact us!

Can I obtain page statistics before deciding on an advertisement package?

Of course! Just shoot us an email via our contact form and we'll be sure to get back to you with whatever information you require.

Can I purchase multiple packages during the same month?

Yep! Just add all of the desired packages to your cart and checkout as you normally would.

I want my advertisements to begin appearing at a later or specific date. Is there an option for this in the store?

As it currently stands, the store assumes you're purchasing a package shortly before you want an advertisement to appear. For example, if you want the advertisement to begin appearing on April 1st, you can complete your purchase late on March 31st or in the early morning of April 1st. There is currently no option for the user to set a specific starting/ending date during checkout, though we hope to add this capability soon.

If you'd like to lock-in a price or reserve ad space before your ad campaign officially begins, you should contact us with your desired starting date and complete the checkout process as-is. Our staff can easily adjust the date range following the purchase of your advertisement package.

Help! Something has gone wrong! What do I do?

You can contact us for help at any time by submitting a support request.
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