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Twitch Plays Pokemon

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My look at one of the most watched Twitch Live Streams to date; where thousands of Twitch viewers play one Pokemon Red game at once.
Twitch Plays Pokemon Consult the Helix fossil Flareon is a false prophet Helix Fossil Pokemon Red
In my last article on entertaining websites that you may have not heard of, I listed Salty Bet as my favorite. In case you have yet to visit it, it is a Twitch live stream of M.U.G.E.N fights that allows the viewers to bet on who they think will win each fight and "make money". Ever since then, I've been interested in finding Twitch channels that offer more than just live streaming and instead incorporates the viewers into the action. I haven't found anything that involves the viewers quite like Salty Bet until a friend of mine linked me to Twitch Plays Pokemon.

Twitch Plays Pokemon

A friend of mine linked me to this channel without saying anything else about it. After loading up the channel, I saw live gameplay of Pokemon Red, with Red just walking around aimlessly in Vermillion City. I quickly figured out that the only people controlling Red were the viewers of the channel, who did so by typing in a, b, up, down, left, right, or (God forbid), start. At the time I began watching, the game has been streaming for about 3 days (they have a clock counting the days). They have already beaten the first two gyms and were working on getting on the S.S. Anne to learn Cut. At 3 days of streaming, when I began watching, they had about 15,000 viewers watching and playing.

Now they are at 5 days of streaming, 75,000 viewers and rising every day.

Since then, Red has learned Cut, solved Lt. Surge's trash can puzzle and got his badge, beaten the 4th gym, and is working on beating Team Rocket in the Game Corner. All while being controlled by tens of thousands of people all at once, which is pretty impressive

Of course, Twitch as a long road ahead of them. The Safari Zone, the boulder puzzles, training Pokemon to Elite Four standards, and Sabrina's gym puzzle are just a few of the challenges they must overcome to beat the game. And there is the occasional heart break, like accidentally releasing their Charmeleon (nicknamed ABBBBBBK ( ) and their Rattata (nicknamed JLVWNNOOOO, or "Jay Leno") into the wild.

One day, Twitch's adventure with Red will end. However, this channel will definitely be remembered. It is funny as hell and growing at an alarming rate. And for good reason. The idea of the viewers controlling Red is just genius and is an example of the sort of creativity I think Twitch, and other live stream sites, can achieve.

So, whether you want to partake in the chaos that is controlling Red, or you want to just watch the viewers "consult the Helix fossil" and attempt to do the improbable, stop by Twitch Plays Pokemon and witness greatness.

Looks like until they can prove they can get to the Helix fossil, neither is world peace possible.

Heh, I watched for about 5 minutes last night and they're still at the same place today. It looks like they've met their match in those directional traps.

Finally got to Giovanni.


Khangaskhan too strong though.

Oh, wait, I thought the article meant it was improbable to obtain to the Helix fossil.


Shoulda read this beforehand. Had no idea what Blake was talking about.

Pokemon Tower. We have a bunch of normal moves, but they can't hurt Ghosts.


Also, NPR did a story of this on the 19th. Eldersouls is officially ahead of those non-profit bastards.

Pokemon Tower. We have a bunch of normal moves, but they can't hurt Ghosts.


Haha, and they're stuck in Lavender Town, of all places.

I just witnessed their only effective ghost hunter, The Keeper (Drowzee), lose Psychic and learn Headbutt instead in the middle of a trainer battle againt several Ghastly. Hahaha, thank you, Blake, for showing this to me.

After briefly watching democracy mode, anarchy is just too frustrating to see for more than 30 seconds.

But I get bored watching democracy. Anarchy is more fun. The only thing wrong with it is the populus.

The whole Anarchy v.s Democracy debate is being taken too seriously by too many people and just isn't worth the time to talk about. Basically, Democracy should be used for the impossible, like Safari Zone. It shouldn't be used as a crutch to get through the hard parts, like that Rout 9 ledge. Holy shit, that ledge.


We used our Masterball to catch Zapdos today. In the process of trying to get him out of the computer, we accidentally released 8 or 9 Pokemon, 3 of which we actually card about. I think it'll go down in history as "Bloody Sunday"

Holy shit. And what do you mean "we"? Man, you actually participate?


*Checks Dorkly site.*


Dux, no!

Holy shit. And what do you mean "we"? Man, you actually participate?

I was up till like 4:15 am witnessing our long trek through the Power Plant. I was on Twitch mobile and I'm  not entirely certain commands work on there.


It was kind of worth it.

They're getting the shit poisoned out of them in the Pokemon Mansion right now. The Helix has been raised, but has been dying repeatedly.

So, I've been laughing at this for the last 10 minutes. Apparently, this NPC moved. We wandered ourselves into this corner, and the NPC moved back to his original spot.


Now he won't move at all.

Posted Image

My sides.

Is there an actual chat other than the one that's spammed with commands?

Is there an actual chat other than the one that's spammed with commands?

No, but there is a script you can use on any browser that isn't Firefox that hides all of the commands.

I can't believe they're almost finished with the game. Democracy, what a killjoy.

Just in case anybody who is on right now is interested in this, they are at the Elite Four and about to begin fighting all 5 trainers.


So much hype.

Woah. Thanks for the heads up. And I was gonna play ESO Beta...

Right now our Venemoth, arguably our most worthless Pokemon, is soloing Lance's Dragonite without even getting damaged at all.


Generation I AI is so shit it isn't even funny.

It is over. Blue has been defeated. I wish I could've been there to see it. At least there's the video.


(Edit: I was going to make a brief description, but it somehow evolved into a dramatic retelling...)



The Helix was down for the final match. The Fonz soon followed. Venomoth had battled defiantly, surviving an attack that killed Bird Jesus. Yet, his valiant attempts to poison Blastoise somehow failed him.


With everything to prove, Zapdos was sent out. The souls of the nine pokemon whose deaths he had been the cause of still haunted him. He heard the distant cries of Dux and Cabbage and Bigdig. Will he be able to do it? Will he fail them? The tension was wrenching at his soul. Alas, he summoned the manifestation of all his grief and once-pleasant dreams into a bolt of electricity so strong that it filled the stadium with a blinding light powerful enough to silence all the voices within Red's head, and let it loose on Blastoise. The rest was a blur.


As the smoke cleared, Blastoise was dead. Blue was stunned.


"Is...is it over?" Venomoth weakly asked in pokemon clicking noises.


"Yes. It is over." Zapdos replied in his own pokemon squawks, still glowing with residual sparks.


Silence hung in the air for a few seconds.


"I was just crowned the League Champion, and now it's over...?" Blue said to his rival, "Red, you son of a--!"


"Blue!" he was interrupted. Professor Oak appeared through the doorway, apparently having watched the scene.


Both trainers hinged on his every word.


"You have done well, Red. You are now the Pokemon League Champion." he said. "Blue, you didn't love your pokemon enough, and now Blastoise is dead. I am disappointed in you."


The collective voices of thousands cheered within the mind of Red.


"You have done a good job. Come with me." Professor Oak told to Red.


The names of Red's pokemon and Red himself were inducted into the Pokemon Hall of Fame that day. A montage of their images flashed before the eyes of the voices. Then, slowly, everything faded to black.


Red woke up in Pallet town. He stood still. Slowly, inevitably, it dawned on him. He was no longer being controlled. The voices were silenced. He was free. He stood at the door of his home for another minute before starting to cry. Finally, after sixteen days, he was free...


Everything was going to be alright.

Lots of words

Beautiful. I like how the voices in Red's are gone and they moved to the boy in Gold/Silver. Especially since you can fight Red at the end of Gold/Silver, so instead of it being a fight between the two best trainers like it is in the game, it'll be a fight between Red and the voices that got him to where he is.


I was more than just a little bit upset that I missed the fight, especially since I watched every attempt yesterday.


Edit: Hall of Fame fo lyfe

Posted Image

Check out ol' Helix with that glamour pose.


Now that's it's over, I feel empty... and lifeless. Ack, I gotta get away from the computer for a while.

Wow, the aftermath is staggering. There's already an All-Terrain Venomoth plush toy, and someone's started a government petition to make March 1 National Helix Day.



Wow, the aftermath is staggering. There's already an All-Terrain Venomoth plush toy, and someone's started a government petition to make March 1 National Helix Day.



I assumed it would be a link for the petition...



Anyways; DOUBLE POST!!!(?)!!

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