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The Lion King's Circle of Life Minecraft Parody

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YouTube user CraftedMovie recreates the iconic "Circle of Life" introduction from The Lion King. Not impressed? Did I mention it was all done with Minecraft?
Minecraft The Lion King
Where would be without impressive Minecraft recreations? Many of us are familiar with the numerous, eye-dropping renditions of famous locations done by ambitious Minecraft users. With all of these magnificent creations out there, it's getting harder and harder to impress skeptical viewers.

With that said, we were pretty awed by CraftedMovie's interpretation of the opening sequence in the world-famous movie, The Lion King. For the best results, try starting both of the following videos at the same time to make sure they're synced up.

You have to admit that's pretty impressive. Despite every block being only 16x16 pixels, it still looks pretty damn good translated to one of the most powerful opening movie scenes of all time

Played both in semi-perfect harmony, side by side. Wasn't disappointed.


Though i wasn't aware Link came to Simba's presentation.

The lack of comments on this makes me sad.


Guess CoD voice overs done by middle schoolers is more interesting.

you can do THAT on minecraft? :o wtf

I didn't know what to say... Thought I liked it though, but I hadn't.

Probably should have added this since it's like half of the amazing in this video, but one guy did every sound in the video with his voice.



That's not the actual Lion King song he did (obviously), but it demonstrates how he does it better than the Circle of Life video (which is just the result).

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