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This Week in Gaming - Hacking Attempts

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We review gaming news and releases from July 1st-14th.
This Week in Gaming
Since we didn't release an article last week we'll make up for it in this one. Very few games have been released in the last couple of weeks but there's plenty of news to catch up on.

Game Releases

Dynasty Warriors 8

Platform/s: Playstation 3, Xbox360
Release Date/s:Previously released early 2013 in Japan, July 16th in North America, to be released July 19 in Europe and July 25 in Australia.

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the eighth official installment in the Dynasty Warriors series which is based on the classic Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms".

It uses the same system and engine as Dynasty Warriors 7, focussing instead on adding more content for replayability and tweaking the combat system, and includes more than 77 characters.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days (DLC)

Platform/s: Playstation 3, PC, Xbox360, iOS, Playstation Vita
Release Date/s: July 2 for PS3, July 3 for PC, July 5 for Xbox360, July 11 for iOS and to be released for Playstation Vita sometime next month.

400 days is a special episode of the Walking Dead video game which serves to bridge the gap between Season 1 and the upcoming Season 2 of the game.

In general it has been criticised for being too short and not letting you get to know the characters well enough.

Gaming News and Announcements

  • Earlier this month Don Mattrick left Microsoft where he was President of Interactive Entertainment Business to join Zynga as CEO
  • Saints Row IV released a new trailer for Independence Day, check it out here.
  • There have been several Security and Privacy issues in gaming recently.
    • Personal information of user stored on Arma III and Day Z servers had been compromised
    • 23,925 Japanese Club Nintendo accounts had personal information stolen including real names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
    • Similar problems have been suffered recently by UbiSoft and indie game developers such as Cube World.
    • Microsoft allegedly assisted the NSA to intercept private Skype and email transmissions which comes as further bad news for the Xbox One which will have Skype integrated into it.
  • Trailers for Pikmin 3 (for the Wii U) have been released that show off gameplay and introduce pikmin types
  • Sony have confirmed that the PS4 will be playable at Comic-Con next week
  • The iOS game Deus Ex: The Fall wouldn't allow players on a jailbroken device to fire their weapon, Square Enix has since apologised for not being clear about this and will be releasing a patch that removes restriction.
  • Rockstar has released a gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V which you can find here.
  • When Disney acquired Marvel, and then later Star Wars many fans expressed interest in seeing characters from these franchises in Kingdom Hearts, and whilst nothing has been confirmed yet Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura commented in an interview recently that he would be interested in implementing Star Wars into the series.

Weird Gaming News and Facts

  • One Piece:Romance Dawn, the upcoming 3DS game (ported from PSP) based on the popular manga and anime series is not planned to be released in the US despite being localized for several European English speaking countries. The game is set to be released in Japan August 8th and in Europe in November and you can watch the trailer here.
  • The US government now recognises League of Legends players as professional athletes and awards visas to them to play.
  • A manga adaptation of Assassins Creed IV will be launching in Japan on August 10th.
  • Whilst not strictly video game related and English version of the popular Japanese Hatsune Miku software is going to be released this Summer. On that topic a meme has recently started using the 3D animating tool "Miku Miku Dance", Check out this "How to Flip the Bird" video to find out what I mean.
  • The Little Sisters from Bioshock were originally planned to be tiny mole-like creatures rather than little girls.
There won't be a Weekly Gaming Article next week but we should have some pretty interesting and unique content for you guys in its place.


The US government now recognises League of Legends players as professional athletes and awards visas to them to play.

This caused quite a stir on some sports sites I frequent. It's just a matter of wording to get them the same passport privileges as other competitors though.


Good work, Nathan.

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