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Rumored PS4 Reveal, Take Two Acquires WWE

  • Sony has a big announcement coming up - is it the PlayStation 4? Meanwhile, Take Two acquires one of THQ's most important franchises.

Rumored PlayStation 4 Announcement

Sony has set itself up for a big announcement on the 20th, and the smart money is probably on the long-awaited reveal of the PlayStation 4. With the long-overdue next-generation consoles expected to be released in late 2013 or early 2014, the stage is set for an official release announcement. To tease the upcoming showcase, Sony has uploaded a video they've branded the "Evolution of Playstation."

It's also worth mentioning that Microsoft is expected to announce the Nextbox at this conference.

Bioware and Sexuality in Gaming

Ah, America. The land of misplaced priorities. Show people getting their limbs mutilated and it's quality entertainment, but show someone naked and it's taboo. David Gaider, lead writer of Canadian developer Bioware, will be leading a discussion about this next month at the Game Developers Conference. Specifically up for discussion are the "risks and challenges" that developers face when including content such as...


Take Two Acquires WWE

THQ's shutdown has been dominating the news in gaming the past few weeks, but it appears there is yet one final announcement before we say goodbye to the publisher forever.

There was one game series whose new owner was unknown: the WWE series. As this was one of THQ's biggest franchises, this was a big deal, but it's finally been revealed who has the license: Take Two, publisher of GTA. Yuke's is still the developer, but Take Two is known for pushing for top-tier games, so hopefully the WWE series can pull itself out of the rut it has been in for the past few years.


I feel like a comment I saw on the original story said it best: "At least it's not EA or Activision."

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Really interested in the PS4 announcement, we'll see if the next generation comes out for the 2013 holiday season. Still haven't decided if I'll bother buying either, though.


Didn't realize that the 5 skin-colored pixels displayed in Dragon Age were controversial. I was also unaware people actually buy WWE games.

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Didn't realize that the 5 skin-colored pixels displayed in Dragon Age were controversial. I was also unaware people actually buy WWE games.

I bought Smackdown vs Raw 2010. While the gameplay is lackluster, the character creation tools are AMAZING. They are what add the lasting appeal.


As for the Dragon Age romance scenes, I agree that it isn't that big of a deal. In fact, many people believe Dragon Age should result to full-on nudity, like the Witcher series. I would have posted a picture a bit more...sexual, but I didn't want such a picture to appear in my search history or saved to my computer.

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