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Grand Theft Auto V Pictures Released

  • Rockstar has released some impressive looking in-game shots from their upcoming installment in the GTA franchise.

Rockstar pledged new information regarding GTA 5 this week, and released three new images along with the announcement.

The first image features a beautifully designed "Cheeta." We can only hope the vehicles look this good when they make their way on to the consoles.


If you were one of those players who has always wanted to fly a jet in GTA games, it would appear as though you're in luck...


The third image is a testament to Rockstar's effort in making a realistic urban setting, all the way down to the minor methods of transportation...


All in all, we're pretty excited. If nothing else, it looks like Rockstar is getting the most out of this console generation's visual capabilities. The following trailer posted in November of 2011 shows how far the graphics have already come:

Although there is currently no official release date (perhaps that's the upcoming announcement?), many analysts have GTA:V pegged for a March 2013 release.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Looks really nice. I hope it has a story with a deeper meaning like GTA4 did (European goes to New York to seek the "American Dream" only to find that isn't the case).Also, Vinewood is a clever name for a location.

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