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GameStop - One of the Worst Companies To Work For

  • Game Stop places in 10th on 24/7 Wall Street's "America's Worse Companies to Work For".

Have you ever envied "those people"? You know who I'm talking about. They Game Stop Game Advisers. A job where you sit in an air conditioned store all day and work, talk, and handle video games seems like a dream come true....if you are 5. None the less, you can put your childhood ambitions to rest as Game Stop placed 10th on 24/7 Wall Street's Worse American Companies To Work For , along with such names as Radio Shack, Dish Network, and Riteaid, to name a few. The complete list can be found here. http://24/7 Wall Str...es to work for

It seems the main complaint was the pushing of sales, namely pre-orders, over customer service.

“Priority is placed on sales instead of games and customers, pushing people to pre-order games can place them in a situation where they spend good money on a bad game with no possibility of a refund, business’ models place customers at a disadvantage.â€

With the option to download hit video games at reduced prices via Steam or shopping for better deals via Amazon, you can see how increase sells are becoming increasingly important to Game Stop.

I myself can relate to this. After turning down the particularly chubby senior game adviser, who asked me about 3 different upcoming games I might want to pre-order, I saw a tear roll down his supple cheeks. And I knew that he would be whipped severely and his equally pudgy children wouldn't eat tonight.

Another common complaint was the store's buy back policy on games. Not only are they a bit unfair to the consumer, but even unfair to their own employees.

...the GameStop manager trades his games at that Best Buy because, even with his employer bonuses, he still gets a worse deal with his own store. Not even the perks are perks, apparently.

All in all, with better deals and more convenient options elsewhere, I'm afraid Game Stop represents what Blockbuster did for movie rentals: increasingly obsolete. Only time will tell if it'll eventually follow the same path.

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Can't say I've run into many of the commonly talked about problems. The most pestering I got for a pre-order was a couple months ago when I was told about Black Ops 2's "lock-in" deal. I told the guy I didn't like Call of Duty, and he shrugged and handed me my game. I also don't think the trade in prices are THAT bad. And some of the employees actually know their stuff on video games. To each their own, though. Maybe my Gamestop is the exception.

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the gamestop i have by my home isnt to bad but the games i tried to sell to them was ether for a very small amount of money or nothing at all which is why i would never sell games to them since across the road the is another place that buys them for more

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Maybe my Gamestop is the exception.

This article is more "You probably don't want to work at Game Stop" as opposed to "You probably don't want to shop at Game Stop". All the complaints are from workers who recognize that they are being pushed to push pre-orders on people or they get chewed out by their boss.
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