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  • Square Enix has announced the third and final installment to the Final Fantasy 13 series.

During the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary presentation, Square Enix announced the third and final installment in the Final Fantasy 13 franchise. Pink haired protagonist Lightning returns to lead the trilogy's finale, which will reportedly be titled Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The game will feature the last two weeks (13 days, specifically) of the game's universe, centered around the world of Novus Partus.

Hey, remember the good old days when each Final Fantasy was its own independent installment? Or when Final Fantasy was itself the name of the game? Yeesh.

The following details have been released...
  • Lightning's attire (armor and weapons) can be customized. No word on whether or not there's anything past the sword and shield available in the first two XIII games.
  • Paradigm Shift combat system will return. Whoo...
  • But... Wait! Players can move Lightning around the battlefield.

Final Fantasy XIII is expected to be released in 2013 for the 360 and PS3. It's hard for me to get excited considering the train wreck creative differences that defined XIII-1, but you never know how this one will turn out. Well... You do, but I'm not supposed to say such things in write-ups like this.

Some interesting art work was also released, as seen above and below.



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Contrary to many, I actually like this series. I'm happy to see an official announcement, though with XIII-2's ending, it was kind of obvious. I am a bit disappointed with the protagonist choice, though. Honestly, I liked Noel from XIII-2 a LOT more than Lightning. I at least hope he and Sazh return as party members.Also, you said this would be the last "Fabula Nova Crystalis Final Fantasy XIII" game. What about Versus XIII? That's technically part of this series. It might even be in the same universe.

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Versus was canceled forever ago I'm pretty sure.

Nope, it's still on. It entered full production about a year ago, and they confirmed it wasn't cancelled a few months ago. According to them, it SHOULD be released before the Ps4 is.

But yeah, never played a Fina Fantasy game in my life, so I don't really understand what's going on here.

Well, you see Blex, although the Final Fantasy games are in the same series, they are not connected. They are in different universes, in fact. Therefore, if they want to make a direct sequel, they have to put a 2 after the name, hence XIII-2. Yeah, that name is the source of a lot of jokes.
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