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Black Ops 2 and Lego Lord of the Rings Accidents

  • Some eager consumers found some surprises when they opened up the cases of their recent Black Ops 2 and Lego: Lord of the Rings purchases.

Does anyone even really look at these? I never get any comments. Nonetheless, it's my duty, so I'll continue to make them. Speaking of duty...

A few thousand purchasers of CoD: Black Ops 2 on the PC were given a surprise; their cases contained Mass Effect 2! How this mix-up happened is unknown, but Bioware managed to rake in some good publicity from it through a promotion. Yep, the first 50 people to send in a picture of the Black Ops 2 case with Mass Effect 2 in it received the Mass Effect Trilogy for free! Who dares to call Bioware corrupted now?

There was a similar issue with Lego Lord of the Rings. Many purchasers of the product eagerly openered their cases only to be greeted with a "demo" disc! Despite the disc clearly saying DEMO, the discs were actually able to play the full game. Once again though, how did this happen?

As it turns out, all three of these stories are related. Bioware has confirmed that they are developing Mass Effect 4 on the Frostbite 2 engine. They say that they are trying to move the series forward without straying too far from its roots. Is the series being milked, or does Bioware just really like its creation? Only time will tell

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I think the lack of comments is because these are generally pretty broad and shallow in content. There's nothing wrong with that, it just means that you attack several different issues and only say a bit about each one.

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I'm confused at your Mass Effect/Black Ops story.

That is actually quite a confusing story. I literally mean that the game case for the PC version of Black Ops 2 contained Mass Effect 2 for several thousand buyers. Bioware decided to make the best of it and have a promotion, while Activision gave the buyers the game they initially paid for.

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