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The Nightblade Thread

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i wonna skill 1/6 magica 2/6 HP 3/6 stamina and maybe 2 mid armors 5 heavy + some Stamina enchantments are planed.

But i wonna use this skill collection also at the pvp. 


as opening the Bow with the snare usw and if they get closed 2 me i can hide me with the shadow cloak (Stam reg 15%) + weapon switch and a fast kill should refresh my stam.


thats the plan. if it works ? i hope so ;)


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Here is the current build I am mulling over:


altmer, nightblade7 light armor

30 magicka

20 health


resto staff bar:mark targetstrifeentropycrippleshadow cloakdeath strokefrost staff bar:hasteweakness to elementsforce shockrapid manoueverspurgehighborn


resto staff bar is for laying mark+dots/hots then escaping via shadow cloak.


frost staff bar is for kiting while spamming basic attacks with haste, weakness, and frost shock debuffs up.


basically a pure ranged caster nb build. i figure that i will use light attacks to proc frost snares and be able to get heavy attacks off with the time afforded via kite/snaring.


some changes I am contemplating are:


-possibly incorporating more healing some how via resto staff abilities, perhaps totally revamping into a healing support build with more cc.

-finding a way to be more bursty if destro heavy attacks turn out to be insufficient.

-working in annulment to counter the negative effect of mark target.





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Hi there,


I am no stranger to MMOs but I am a bit of a stranger to elder scrolls (played skyrim & oblivion) so please bare with me if I put something silly.


I have been reading alot about this game on the official website and i have been fortunate enough to have participated in the beta.


I decided to make a Nightblade as I found this to be the most fun out of the things I tried in the beta.


I made a wood elf night blade DW and my secondary will be a bow. My decisions for this was I simply liked the wood elf and also saw its bonus with a bow, I liked this because I will be using DW mainly and with the increase in gaining bow experience it will help me keep up with DW.


So this is what I am thinking in terms of stats. This maybe totally wrong and thats why I am here to be corrected.


My abilities will use magika but my weapons will use stamina, therefore do I spend points increasing magika and rely on medium armour bonuses for my stamina? 


I want to be a high damage dealer is this the right choice of class for that?




Edit - I will mainly be involved in PVE



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I believe u can expect NB to be serious damage dealer. Most probably NB will have best single target DPS .

Regarding resources balance will be needed. Each resource will have soft cap so investment in that skill over cap will get u diminishing return.

What will be proper resource balance for you will depend on your build/s and your style. Even when u think u got it right then again u have to playtest it .  


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Ok so I have done some research and came up with what I think would be a good nightblade dps character, feel free to give feed back. My aim is to do a lot of DPS with the first hot bar and to go invisible and fall back with the bow to regain health/stamina/magicka with hot bar 2. Race: Undecided (input?)HB 1: Dual wielding (daggers,swords... Input?)1. Teleport strike2. Haste3. Flurry4. Shadow cloak5. Cripple or assassins blade (input?)Ultimate: either Death Stroke or Consuming Darkness (input)Armor: mix of heavy/mediumHB 2: Bow1. Strife2. Haste3. Siphoning strikes4. Shadow Cloak5. Either blur or immovable (input?)Ultimate: Deathstroke or Consuming darkness (more likely the latter)


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Also I'm curious as to what I should focus on in terms of health/magicka/stamina?



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    [*]Race: My friends are playing in the Ebonheart Pact.  But I will most likely buy the pre-order version and roll Kajiit for their racial passives: med. armor XP bonus, health regen in battle, and crit bonuses. Then with the pre-order perk I will move my Kajiit to fight for Ebonheart.
    [*]Primary Weapon:  Duel Wield- daggers for speed  -or-  axe/dagger  for bleed DoT and speed
    [*]Secondary Weapon: Bow- sneak power shots, poisoning, and siphoning.
    [*]Armor: 5 med. / 2 light- for the stealth, dexterity, and of course, the 5% passive Agility attack speed bonus- with some help with magic regen.
    [*]Resource Ratio: possibly 25%health, 35%stamina, 40%magicka
    [*]Skill Bar:



    Duel Wield: melee


      [*]Assassin’s Blade- for big damage when the enemy is low on health.
      [*]Haste- for bonus attack speed.
      [*]Blur- for incoming damage mitigation.
      [*]Teleport Strike- as a melee opener.  The plan is to ambush them from range with my Bow, then teleport to them, stun them, and then start stabbing.
      [*]Shadow Cloak- for, well, invisibility.
      [*]Death Stroke- to hit them hard with a full Ultimate pool.  I may use this right after Teleport Strike if my Ultimate is high enough.



      Other than Shadow Cloak this gives me 5 slots using the Assassination Skill Line.  With the passive abilities, Pressure Points and Hemorage, that will add an extra 5%crit rating and 25%crit bonus damage respectively. 




      Bow: range


        [*]Snipe- for a heavy ranged opener.  The idea is to use this from the shadows as an element of surprise.
        [*]Poison Arrow- range interrupt.
        [*]Strife- for the healing from life leach.
        [*]Siphoning Strikes- for the resource regeneration.
        [*]Shadow Cloak- for the invisibility.
        [*]Soul Shred- for the AoE stun and the damage -or- Eye for Fear (Kajiit racial)- for the crowd control (if racials are allowed)



If I feel I may need more CC for my primary skill bar, I would consider Sparks (weapon skill) over Haste and replace Blur with Purge for a clense.  However, in a full-out battle, I will most likely fight from range and stay away from heavy blows and splash damage as much as possible.  Either that, or sneak past the battlefront using my supurb stealthing abilities and do some dirty deeds behind enemy lines.  Maybe I will start fires in their bases, surprise some poor Sorcerer with some 1v1, or sabotage their siege weapons.  In any case, I don’t think I will need to CC as much as I would like extra attack speed from Haste and the passive crit bonuses from using more Assassination skills.



As far as my Bow set, I may replace Strife with Cripple or Purge.


I've also used this skill tree counting on the estimated number of skill points I will aquire from leveling, skyshards, and questing after some time of gameplay at max-level and placing them where I believe will work best with how I play: http://eso.massyx.de/1bFtOIY

85 skill points is only an estimate.  I'd like to hear from others about what they estimate is an average number of skill points for maxed-level gameplay.


I think this build will benefit my play-style best.  I can use this while questing, dungeons and exploring, as well as PvP.  But as much as I think this build is good for me, I KNOW that I will change some things when I start playing.



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Hello everybody,


I'm still downloading the client, but I want to know a few things before starting.


I'm currently playing a sneak mage in Skyrim who relies on Illusion magic and daggers for assasination and destruction for when things get dirty. I would love to play something similar on EOS, so the obvious choice is a Nightblade.


I know you can use any weapon in any class, so...



Is it PVP viable to play a Mage Nightblade?


If so, is it viable to use a Staff or rather dual-wield and let the Magicka only play a support role for your damage?


Which weapons and armors would you reccomend? (specially from a PVP perspective)






Thanks in advance.



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I'll focus on stealth first, and killing whatever I can kill at low level. I'm also working on my character's role playing. Here's what I have so far...



I am Madari, a female Khajiit of the Nightblade class, born under the sign of the Lady during the dark of both moons. I use a bow as my primary weapon, but will train later with dual wielded daggers, if I can find any worth wielding. I prefer medium armor of the highest quality to keep my fur from getting ruffled during fights. I mostly hunt solo, trying to find a way to kill monsters by myself. There are rumors that I belong to the Dark Brotherhood, but I assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. If someday there is a rumor that I also belong to the Thieves' Guild, then that one will be false, too.

My name is a Khajiit name. It means "clever child," in your tongue. My parents were part of a Khajiit trade caravan that regularly traded between Hammerfell and Elsweyr. One one of its travels, we were attacked by bandits, and my parents were killed. One of the bandits, a Khajiit, hid me from the others. He returned for me later and carried me back to where he was living with friends of his, and from them I learned much that I would need to know to survive and prosper.

[I have a handy lie about my upbringing, in case anybody gets too nosy about my affiliations. Khajiit pull your leg, ho ho.]

Where did I grow up? Why, I was a sybil of Dibella in Stros M'Kai. I didn't like the kinds of things they would make me do in the temple. You know how boring it can be when you spend all day on your knees—praying and such. Anyway, I didn't like it there, so I left.

[Addition to lie.]

Well, actually I did not leave voluntarily. The priestesses there thought that it was inappropriate for a sybil to have sharp teeth and claws such as I have. There were some... incidents. To make a long story short, they kicked me out.

[To answer suggestive speculation.]

Did anybody ever tell you that you have a dirty mind? No, I was talking about claw marks accidentally left on the furniture. I was a young Khajiit back then, and I did not know any better. I also tried to cover up a mess on the carpet, and once I mistook the baptismal pool for a bath and left the water soapy. With the high priestess's favorite charmed necklace at the bottom of the water. Each of my mistakes, innocent though it was, annoyed the Dibellans, and eventually they lost patience with me and decided that I wasn't their sybil after all.



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since magelight stays on all the time u can only outplay it with a bow, melee just cant get a sneak strike if someone in the enemy team is using it,and i guess that tanks will use it

Teleportstrike from stealth from behind from more than 12 meters. Shrug



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Primary Weapon: Duel Wield- daggers for speed -or- axe/dagger for bleed DoT and speed

Dagger deal the same damage per hit as all other 1 h weapons. They also have the same attack speed. You get crit, not attack speed, from a passive on daggers and bleed on axe.Also, if you open from stealth your nb sneak attack will stun them for quite some time (even with a bow opening).



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So by my math, Strife has the best damage/magicka ratio of all instant DD class skills.   On top of that, it proc's a HOT.


So am I crazy?   My plans are to roll a magicka heavy Nightblade built around the concept of spamming Strife.


I'm still working out the build details, but imagine a build optimized around magicka pool size/regen that spams Strife.  I'd fall back on bow/DW when magicka is depleted and use stealth mainly for escaping/avoidance. 


Note: that I mainly like the non-combat features of MMORPG's, so for combat I'm mainly looking for a build with simple, effective tactics.


Thanks and cheers



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Stush i was thinking the same thing so i tried it in beta,and even if i was low level and with shit gear i saw that its pretty hard to kill people in pvp just by spamming cripple and strife since people can stack insane amounts of hp and shields,so you really need a way to deal sustained damage,thats why i think that its better to focus on bow damage(medium armor+haste+mark targhet) and just use cripple to immobilize-snare people and strife to heal. I tried to use cloak in pvp but it didnt work well for me because everyone uses at least 1-2 dots and the duration is too low to make any difference while the cost is pretty high. So if u want to be an assassin the best way is to start in stealth-mark targhet(30-40 m)-snipe-haste-cripple-strife-white attacks until he is dead,and u get 60% hp and dmg buff from mark targhet morph; the problem is that after uve killed the first guy ure low on magika and out of stealth,so u cant use the same combo on someone else unless u run out of combat,you can only go on with cripple-strife-white attacks that is still a nice combination but can be countered by eclipse-reflective scale and other stuff,so this is the perfect build to ambush people but not so good in large scale/group fights,and since pvp its all about group fights ure not gonna help much ure faction but ure only gonna get some easy kills while running around solo



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So by my math, Strife has the best damage/magicka ratio of all instant DD class skills.   On top of that, it proc's a HOT.


So[color=rgb(238,130,238);] [/color][color=rgb(221,160,221);]am I crazy[/color]?   My plans are to roll a magicka heavy Nightblade built around the concept of spamming Strife.


I'm still working out the build details, but imagine a build optimized around magicka pool size/regen that spams Strife.  I'd fall back on bow/DW when magicka is depleted and use stealth mainly for escaping/avoidance. 


Note: that I mainly like the non-combat features of MMORPG's, so for combat I'm mainly looking for a build with simple, effective tactics.


Thanks and cheers


No skills in this game are designed to be spammed except execute moves on low health targets. Youll quickly burn your magicka or stamina and be left helpless. The majority of your damage in this game comes from using abilities and white attacks together, not spamming one ability over and over.



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Some more pondering after last weekend, trying to get a bit more group oriented focus and tending to my PvE-PvP schizofrenia by going more healer/support/offtank than maintank.


Breton, 7/7 Heavy, 2:1 health:magicka - but I'll most likely respec as many times as is needed to hit a nice equilibrium.


Set 1: 1h+shield


1 - Puncture [-40% mres]

2 - Def Posture [2 sec stun]

3 - Teleport Strike [Lotus] or Cripple [???]

4 - Entropy [Heal on hit]

5 - Strife [Funnel]


U - Death Stroke


Set 2: Resto staff


1 - Immovable [???] or Siphoning Strikes [???] - really need to know morphs, Immovable because I feel like having a stamina dump on both bars is important, on the other hand Siphoning Strikes in heavy armor might be awesome in PvE as a faux healer.

2 - Regeneration [TBD] or Purge [???]

3 - Cripple [???]

4 - Force Siphon [???]

5 - Strife [Funnel]


U - Consuming Darkness or Warhorn

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