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BioShock Ultimate Rapture (PS3/360) Pre-Order

  • 29.99 , 360, PS3, Amazon 01/07/13 No value

This is a pre-order; it will be released on January 15th. Includes the games, DLC's, and all of the extra nonsense that you would have to buy separately otherwise.

360 Edition

PS3 Edition

Includes BioShock and BioShock 2 with over $40 of Add-on Content on disk

BioShock Add-on Content

• Plasmids Pack • Challenge Rooms Pack • Tour the never-before-seen Museum of Orphaned Concepts and view early concept art, character models and more set within the halls of Rapture.

BioShock 2 Add-on Content

• Sinclair Solutions Tester • Rapture Metro • Kill 'Em Kindly • The Protector Trials • Minerva's Den

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