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Battlefield 3 Premium Edition (PC Download) - $20

  • 16.99 , PC, Amazon 07/11/13 No value

16.99 for Battlefield 3 Premium Edition. This is the Limited Edition Game and includes all of the premium extras. It's generally 39.99 on Amazon and Origin.

19.99 - 15% with promo code GOONCAVE = $16.99.

You get two separate keys that you just have to activate on Origin to get the download.

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This is just ridiculous, if you were to pay full price for both separately, it would amount to over $100, lol.


I'm tempted, but my internet went offline a few weeks ago and when it came back, I had a NAT type of 3/strict, which isn't too bad, but for some reason this time, I can't connect to ANY BF3 server on PS3. So scared of that happening on PC too, lol.

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