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Amazon Late Summer Sale

  • , PC, Amazon 08/29/13 09/08/13

Amazon currently has a massive sale on PC video games with digital downloads. Here is a link to the main Amazon sale page. Since the list is fairly massive you should probably just search for games you want using ctrl+f.

EDIT: Removed full list since it was crashing everything.

Notable Deals

  • Bioshock: 1 & 2 $5
  • MS 5-Game Arcade/Indie Pack $7.50
    • Deadlight
    • Mark of the Ninja
    • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
    • Toy Soldiers
    • Iron Brigade

    [*]Burnout Paradise Ultimate Pack w/ DLC $7.50

    [*]XCOM: Enemy Unknown w/ DLC $10

    [*]Kingdoms of Amalur Complete $10

    [*]The Walking Dead + 400 Days $10

    [*]Mass Effect Trilogy $15

    [*]Battlefield 3 Premium Edition $20

    [*]Bioshock Infinite $20

    [*]Civilization 5 Complete + Brave New World $30

    [*]Fable: The Lost Chapters + Fable III Bundle w/ DLC $7.50

    • Fable III
    • Fable III - Dog Breed Set
    • Fable III - Dog Outfit
    • Fable III - Industrial Knight Outfit
    • Fable III - Traitor's Keep Quest Pack
    • Fable III - Understone Quest Pack
    • Fable: The Lost Chapters

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