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Amazon Holiday Sale 2013

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Amazon Holiday Sale 2013
Amazon has some fantastic deals on PC games. They're also offering $5 promotional credit alongside every single PC digital download game purchased before December 31st, 2013. You can acquire multiple of these and then use this promotional credit during their "Editor's Choice" sale in January.

I'll be picking out my favorite deals and posting them to the front page, but that certainly won't cover much.

For the full list of the available games, their prices, and the deal's expiration and starting date, click here to view the list I compiled. There are a ton of options, so your best bet is to just do a ctrl + f search and look for games you want. Also note that there are different starting dates for many of the sales; they're all under headings with the appropriate date but they're easy to miss since the list is so long.
Price System Retailer Start Date End Date
Varies PC Amazon 12-19-13 Unknown

$174.99 PS Vita with 4 pretty big title games and a memory card:


http://www.amazon.co... holiday bundle


I'd also buy Little Big Planet on sale for $10 off atm because it's the best Vita game ever.

That's a big motherfcking list, lol.


I still don't understand why Amazon.co.uk don't support digital downloads outside of the UK though. Like when I had to wait over a week to get my BF4 with the free super saver delivery, couldn't just gimme the game code. Would be a lot easier.


But seriously, this is why the PC Gaming Master race is just simply amazing, with this and Steam sales etc you make back so much money of how much extra you would have spent on the PC as opposed to a console. And those Humble Bundles are just ridiculous!

I still don't understand why Amazon.co.uk don't support digital downloads outside of the UK though. Like when I had to wait over a week to get my BF4 with the free super saver delivery, couldn't just gimme the game code. Would be a lot easier.


Probably some licensing issue. 99% of the time you can just use a VPN / proxy / change your address though and it will be perfectly fine. I've bought several games from UK sites in pounds through Paypal when they have better deals than in the States. The only exceptions are games that are region-locked, and obviously physical items.


But seriously, this is why the PC Gaming Master race is just simply amazing, with this and Steam sales etc you make back so much money of how much extra you would have spent on the PC as opposed to a console. And those Humble Bundles are just ridiculous!


Why the "PC Gaming Master Race" isn't really better anymore:

    [*]Streamlined voice-chat on console means no more typing ever again.
    [*]On console it's a much more level playing field due to similar equipment.
    [*]It's more comfortable to play with a controller (I can lay my sexy ass all over the couch and play forever without hurting my back like I used to on PC where you have to bring your keyboard and such with you) (and if you use a controller on the PC you're instantly gimped in PVP on PC).
    [*]Consoles are cheaper initially, yet you will always get 60fps at medium-high settings for most new games. Unless you're a complete graphics-whore, then there's no point in paying for a PC just for better graphics...but that's just my opinion, because I don't really care about graphics a whole lot.
    [*]Consoles are more universal and socially acceptable because most people will either have a Playstation or an Xbox if they're a console gamer (meaning you can just bring your controller over [heck, even some of your games] to your friend's house and you can instantly play on their TV (generally even both of you at the same time to some extent, which is very rare on PC games.) Or, if you have multiple controllers you can play with any person who come over to your house.
    [*]There are also handheld consoles, which are now synchronized to either Playstation Network or XBox Live, that you can either remotely-play your consoles through (yeah, I can bring my game with me to the toilet! MUAHAHA!) or you can simply play other games no matter where you are -- at any time. Yes, there are laptops but it's not like you can really get away with pulling out your laptop and playing in the back of a cab or something.
    [*]Playstation Network and XBox Live give many completely free games every month (that you get to keep indefinitely) to members. Yeah, you're paying $4 a month to get them, but I think that the random games from this are about equal to getting a humble-bundle once a month (there are plenty of main titles, not just cheap games, that they give away monthly.)
    [*]It's only a tad more expensive to go into a used-game store and pick up older games like the ones on this amazon list (which are as good as new). You can also resell these older games for almost as much as you bought the used-ones for if you sell them for store-credit or if you sell them on Craigslist.
    [*]Currently, over 50% of new-gen games for consoles are digital as well. Meaning that in a few years there will be plenty of epic digital sales on consoles too! :)
    [*]It's just as easy to find clans through forums and such now, which was the only reason I didn't used to play on consoles.
    [*]There are less hacks and bots on consoles. This also means less mods, but I think this trade-off is fine (scary to say this on an ES forum, ES communities love their mods. XD)
    [*]PS4/XB1 have so many nice apps, you can watch crunchyroll or netflix through any TV on them..tons of other easy-access social media things as well. It's basically like a PC now when it comes to versatility. Heck, you could even pull up the web browser and watch porn just as easily.
    [*]It also records everything, all the time, so you can instantly save gameplay without having to start up Fraps and have dual monitors and stuff. This gen has pretty sweet editing software as well.
    [*]Voice commands are pretty amazing on XB1/PS4. Plus, virtual reality looks like it will be coming out for consoles (ps4 helmet things from Sony) just as early as on PC (Oculus Rift).

    I'll admit there are still some drawbacks, like... .... wait for it... I can't think of any drawbacks to playing on a console anymore at all? :S


    I love my PS4... she's got some super nice tits.

I like console gaming, I've put some serious hours into my PS3 but if you take out the factor of the expense of buying the rig in the first place, it just doesn't stack up to PC gaming.


In response to your points;


    [*]Personally, voice-chat is only beneficial with people you know, unless you want to roar abuse at the other person, at which point, typing is worth it because they is no confusion in what was said. I think TeamSpeak and such do just fine bro.
    [*]That's fair enough, But when it comes down to it, the advantages are minimal after peripherals which factor into console gaming as well (headsets and such). I know there is 144hz and such, but its just smoother gameplay, doesn't change the result enough for it to matter as much.
    [*]Say that to my nice office chair. Even then, there is NOTHING stopping anyone from hooking up a TV and using a controller, but as you said, pretty substantial disadvantages. That shouldn't matter unless you are competitive about it, but if you are, I think you would prefer the chair and insanely more accurate mouse.
    [*]Fair enough again, me personally, I still have my PS3 for that occasion.
    [*]Handheld consoles are a completely different kettle of fish. I am referring to PS/Xbox/WiiU. Guess you could add in the Nvidia Shield from the PC side, but that's still a console. Meh.
    [*]That doesn't stack up to PC prices in no way, shape or form. PC has loads of great, free games too. Not to mention, not paying for any membership. Steam - gg.
    [*]The fact that it is still slightly more expensive and that you have to go to a used-game store in the first place can't beat just having cheaper games for download. Selling is barely worth it.
    [*]That's great, although I don't think the majority of consoles fans accepted DRM to be fair. I really feel like there won't even be any more console generations for it to go into full effect.
    [*]There are plenty of hacks on console too, mind you. In general, I couldn't care less for hackers, if they are ruining my game, I'll just leave, and in my experience, it hasn't been extremely often. Mods is NOT a fair trade off.
    [*]That isn't an advantage then is it, if it is becoming more like PC, that means right not it's sub-par. Who says I can't do all that on my PC just as fast?
    [*]*cough*nVidia Shadow Play*cough* Besides that, the effort of opening fraps is just so little.
    [*]Gimmicky. If they work for you, great, for a lot of people, it will be a painful experience I'd imagine. Again, not an advantage of having a console if we have it too with the Oculus Rift and such.

    But seriously, I'm happy with my mechanical keyboard and triple monitors.


    Also, PC exclusives are far greater than consoles. Half Life, the older Counter Strikes, just to mention a few. If that isn't good enough, all the console exclusives can be played on PC if you put the effort into setting it up, but come on, if you are into PC gaming, that shouldn't be a hassle for a better experience. Oh and once again, mods. I didn't even mention graphics, mainly because next-gen is looking pretty sweet, but still wouldn't have because it's an irrelevant advantage, but still really nice to have as it enhances the experience.


    Again, I have nothing against consoles, I think the next-gen consoles give amazing value, I just don't agree that it's better.

Yeah mate, PC is definitely still better, especially if you've got a sweet setup. I wasn't trying to say that consoles are necessarily better. I meant that the differences are getting smaller, and that consoles also have their benefits. I'm pretty biased because I love my console a lot, and I've had a lot of problems with my gaming rigs in the past, but I personally feel like the whole "PC master race" thing is kind of old school thinking with these sweet new gen consoles out.


It's strange to me that you don't think being able to voice-chat with anyone you're playing with is a bonus; fast coordination is the key to winning in almost every multiplayer game. It's the #2 reason why I'm switching to console (#1 is for the ability to play on my couch, or in bed with my Vita. XD)


I'd disagree about the DRM, people just didn't want it to be exclusively DRM but I feel like the majority of people I've met on PS4 have been downloading their games rather than buying physical disks. There are a lot of games and content that are digital only, that are really popular on there as well. I wouldn't count consoles out of digital sales at all.


Yeah, that's true, consoles have plenty of hacks as well. I personally don't usually enjoy mods unless they're DLC fromt he publishers anyway, so mods aren't a big deal to me, but I understand how that's a big deal to a lot of people.


Handheld consoles are different, yes, but right now the Wii U, XBox Ouya, and PS Vita are all capable of playing full-graphic games from your console, remotely, which makes a lot of a difference for me. Even if there's one for the PC coming out (I forget what it's called) controllers on PC only work well with a handful of games. PC games would have to start being designed for controllers rather than for mouse/keyboard. Every PS4 game that's not indy is going to have this remote-play capability, I think that it's the future of gaming--cloud gaming to handhelds. PC is boarding the ship while consoles are already sailing.


.... I've always wanted a mechanical keyboard. :'( Haha

.... Instead I think I'll get a Scuf controller when those come out! ^.^ I also need a new headset, my beats are good sounding for music but the surround isn't the greatest for distance/location detection.


I got such a sweet setup with my new 55" panasonic plasma, response time's like 12ms or something.. I know that's not great compared to gaming monitors but the colors are fantastic and I think there's only 1 TV with a faster response time that I know of.


Anyway, for me it's all about ESO. It's definitely designed for consoles, 6 button layout and everything. It's the kind of game that I can play for days without sleeping or eating, and it'll be more comfortable for me in my blanket on the couch. I hate to say it, but I think it's the last game I'll ever try to play competitively...so it better be good. Haha

As far as voice communication goes, it would only matter to me if I were playing competitively, so I would be playing with friends or a clan, on teamspeak or something, so there's that. But yeah, I get where you are coming from, though it hasn't been that great in the my experience because a lot of people lack communication skills or for the most part, don't want to. If anything, a lot of PC game's have in-game comms, but Vent/TS will always be superior quality tbh.


DRM: Yeah, but a lot of people are still living on the idea of disks (Yes, opening a new game's box feels awesome :P). It would be great if the consoles shift completely over to digital downloads, but of course, it's what PC has always been doing.


I'm in no way up to date with ESO, I would have assumed as an MMO it would be geared solely for PC with the ability to play on console - but maybe that's not the case. Either way, the experience can't really be bad on PC now can it.


Btw, I don't believe in the glorious PC gaming master race as such, I was just using that term loosely to refer to it.


Mechanical keyboards are just so worth it, the price is kind of daunting, but just worth it in the end. Always wanted to get a seperate microphone and get some audiophile-grade headphones for gaming, so much better, but can't really afford that, just got myself a headset recently enough, fecking regret it already, lol.

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