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The Most Popular Articles of ES - Jan '13

Posted by David, 21 January 2013 · 1,230 views

Since statistics are always interesting, I figured I'd post the following table highlighting the most popular articles on Elder Souls. I was going to sort them ALL by author and tally the views to create the biggest pissing-contest cluster-fuck possible. Sadly I lack any easy way to do this and am already procrastinating work, so I'll just do the top 12 (because screw top 10 lists).

The following numbers are based off of the articles only, and do not take into account topic views (some of these articles have 10,000+ topic hits).

ArticleArticle HitsAuthor
Skyrim: Master Conjuration, Smithing, and Enchanting119,122Traaginen
Marriable Characters in Skyrim42,112Traaginen
Words of Power: Locations and Information33,471Blexun
The Different Types of Gamers24,387Squishy
Skyrim: Dragon Priest Mask Locations24,035Blexun
How to Get Married in Skyrim23,032Traaginen
Boosting Armor, Weapon, and Item Stats in Skyrim22,164Blexun
How to Cure/Become a Vampire in Skyrim13,638Traaginen
Hearthfire - Where and How to Buy Property13,064Traaginen
The Dark Knight Rises - Plot Holes and Problems12,172Traaginen
This Week in Gaming: Releases, iPhone 5, and G410,812Deathirst
8 Sites That Probably Aren't Worth Your Time***9,792Blexun
***There is some serious Skynet-esque bot action going on here, methinks.

Following the top twelve are my "Fastest Ways to Level" guide at 9,291, Unknown's two table-based articles at ~7,850 each (they are weirdly close), and then the Gaming News stuff Squishy and I have done.

Things to take away from this...
  • Original content is king unless you're Deathirst. By this I mean that 'Gaming News' articles are good because they can be mass-produced but individually never get high view totals.
  • If you're wondering how I got a rather shitty guide (compared to the others) to 120,000 views and blew away the competition, it was because I posted links to it on forums and Yahoo Answers many times. Networking your stuff works.
  • Is this a Skyrim site or something?
This isn't fair to a lot of the newer stuff that's been published, but yeah. I'll save the views/day and what-not for another day.

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