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Wii U Release Date Leaked

  • A slip-up at a recent GameStop conference pegs the release date of the Wii U at November 18th.

Kotaku reported earlier that during a GameStop manager's conference, a PDP representative slipped up and mentioned a November 18th release date for the Wii U. The report failed to mention whether or not said representative is still employed, but did add that the rep quicky changed the subject once it was realized what had been said.

PDP and Nintendo have refused to confirm or deny any planned release date for the console.

Following the Wii U's original announcement, it has been recognized for its unique "GamePad" controller and built-in controller screen. It was also announced that the Wii U won't be compatible with DVD's or Blu-Rays.

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And so the 8th generation begins...I hope the Ps4 isn't announced anytime soon. I don't want to drop $400 on a new console.

It's pretty likely Sony and Microsoft will both launch them in 2013. It's definitely time for new consoles, the technology in them at this point is outdone by smartphones (an exaggeration, yes, but not by as much as many think).
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