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New PS3 Exclusive Unveiled - Until Dawn

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Sony recently announced Until Dawn as a new PS3 exclusive at the Gamescom conference. What does the game entail? We have some details!
Until Dawn Gamescom
Until Dawn, Sony's long-rumored survival-horror game was recently announced at a Gamescom press conference. The game will be developed by second-party UK developer Supermassive Games.

According to Supermassive Games website...

We've been working on this game for a while now, working with Hollywood writers and US TV talent, doing our best to bring the Teen Horror experience to PlayStation. Inspired by classic movies in the genre, we expect that Until Dawn will draw you in with its characters, killer dialogue and shocking, twisted story.

Early reports liken the game to a survival teen horror flick, and point to extensive use of flashlights through the game's PlayStation Move-compatible interface. The official UD page listed above goes into some rather gruesome-sounding plot details...

On the anniversary of their friends' disappearance, a group of classmates visit the site of the mystery to bury their ghosts and get some closure. Little do they know, they'll end up burying each other instead...

PS3 gamers don't have to look very far for survival-horror games these days.

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