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ESO Beta: 46 Minutes of Leaked Footage

Brodo Swaggins
  • A new video has been uploaded to YouTube featuring an unprecedented stretch of never-before-seen game play.

On July 26th, a new video featuring a substantial 46 minutes of exclusive ESO Beta footage found its way on to YouTube.

As you can see, ESO is really starting to take shape; it has come a long way in the last few months since the first game-play video came out. I know that I'm not alone in my growing excitement for its spring 2014 debut.

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Thanks for sharing, Masdas! Hmm, let's see here...


Ebonheart -- All this time, when I heard Ebonheart Pact, I thought of Castle Ebonheart in Vvardenfell. This makes no sense, obviously, since Castle Ebonheart wasn't built until late in the Third Era. Now we see that it's actually referencing Old Ebonheart, on the mainland. Anyway, nice looking city!


Mournhold -- A little disappointing that the city of Almalexia (the metropolis that Mournhold is only the center of) isn't there, but I guess it must not have existed 800 years before the events in Tribunal. And I like the redesign of the city itself. It actually looks like a place where people live, now!

That said, the Ordinator helmet was pretty fugly. Nerevar was clearly not a pretty guy.


Random Quests -- I'm loving how quest NPCs are kind of calling out to the player as he rides on by. I don't love that you can just abandon a quest mid-progress and all of the relevant NPCs will just reset to their starting positions. That said, I absolutely understand why they made that choice, and in the absence of a better option, I can live with it.


First Person -- Looking pretty slick!


The explorable world also looks pretty good. I'm waiting for the last 10 minutes of the video to load, but all in all, I'd say this is the best leak I've seen so far.

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So anyone has any links to the actual videos that dont look super shady like they would be filled with tons of viruses? Every leaked video i see posted on here is removed before i can see it.... Starting to question if they are real or not

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Perhaps Bethesda is watching this thread and sending out C&D letters to every site they see linked?


This. They've been very proactive about taking down the beta videos for the last two months or so. Even moreso than previously. They probably have a 10 by 8 room full of 20 underpaid interns browsing all of the sizable TES sites/forums all day looking for links.


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