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ESO Arriving on Consoles in Spring 2014

  • Zenimax has announced that ESO will be arriving on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac in spring 2014.

Bethesda has announced that Elder Scrolls Online will not only be arriving on the PC and Mac, but also on the upcoming next-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The announcement, posted on Bethblog, stated the following.

Bethesda Softworks® today announced that The Elder Scrolls® Online is in development for both the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game will launch on these consoles, in addition to the previously announced PC and Mac versions, in Spring 2014.

Matt Grandstaff, commonly known on the official Bethesda forums and blog as Gstaff, stated that ESO servers will be localized by platform.

The megaserver technology featured in The Elder Scrolls Online will allow PC (Windows OS) players and Mac players to play together. XBox One players will play on their own megaserver as will PlayStation 4 players.

In addition to the news that the game is being developed for consoles, the release date has been narrowed to "Spring 2014." Although the majority of fans were probably hoping for a holiday 2013 release, 2014 is in line with rumors that have been circulating for several weeks.

Bethesda also released an impressive new game play trailer.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover E3!

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Again, I think this is interesting. The delayed release has me bummed, though. I don't see the point in putting out the game on all platforms at the same time if they can't even play together. I believe the people who are going to play the PC will get the PC version, and the people who want to play on the console will get the game on that. But, due to all the beta plays, I can see where Zenimax has to work on the game a bit before it's release.


I just hope I can get a computer to run this. Most of the people I know are going to purchase the PC version. I like the keyboard/mouse way better than using controllers/microphones when it comes to online games. Communication by typing can be much less deafening than listening to bad mics and people blowing on them when its basically in their mouth. Plus I plan to join a PVP-RP channel to get away from those annoying Elder Trolls, and I wouldn't mind doing a bit of RP on this, since, after all, this is The Elder Scrolls we're talking about.

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