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Elder Scrolls Online Game Footage Leaked

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Leaked game footage from the Elder Scrolls: Online Beta is causing many ESO fans to reconsider their expectations regarding the upcoming MMORPG.
Elder Scrolls Online ESO ESO Beta
Earlier this week, an ESO Beta tester by the name of Worst Youtube leaked live game footage of the current Beta build. As word of the video slowly crept through various forums and fansites, more and more people were able to witness what was supposed to be top-secret content.

Feedback was overwhelmingly negative. Skeptical commentators were critical of the majority of the footage, specifically calling out the noticeably dated graphics and bland combat. Some attempted to defend the game's current state, claiming that no legitimate complaints can be levied against a game still in the beta stage of development. The resulting back-and-forth arguments have caused a notable divide in a community that has otherwise been full of hope and optimism.

Despite an aggressive effort by Zenimax to remove the leaked content from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites, many uploads of the video can still be found. Those interested in viewing the leaked content for themselves can do so searching for it online.

Brodo Swaggins does a lot for the community, especially for a 4 year old. You should promote him.

Wow! This is disappointing. This doesn't look very finished at all. I mean, I've seen better graphics in a porn anime. Wait... The game is barely in closed beta? Oh.


Never mind.


Seriously, I am always puzzled by the number of people who make assumptions based on very early leaked footage. It's no wonder the companies don't want aspects of a game revealed. It's the same reason an artist doesn't want people to see their painting before it's done.


Anyway, I'm new here. Flame me if you want, but I'm wearing asbestos underwear.

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