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Beta Non-Disclosure Agreement Lifted

  • After a long wait, ZeniMax has officially lifted the Elder Scrolls Online beta non-disclosure agreement.

As of February 15th, ZeniMax has officially ended the beta's non-disclosure agreement via an announcement from the official site...

Testers have been chomping at the bit to post their impressions of The Elder Scrolls Online publicly, and we're ready to set you loose on the world. Starting today, the Non-Disclosure Agreement has been lifted, so you'll be able to share your thoughts!

Welp, it looks like it's time to officially start getting your builds in order!

ZOS also announced that there will be an additional upcoming beta event. As the NDA is now abolished, players will be able to stream, record, and share screenshots!

There isn't a beta event taking place now, but we'll hold another soon--watch for invites. You'll be free to capture and share footage and screenshots, stream your gameplay, and talk about the game wherever you'd like during that test (and in future tests).

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