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Anime, Manga and Other Stuff > RWBY Review

Posted 26 August 2013

RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is the latest series from Roosterteeth Productions , the creators of popular web series such as; Red vs Blue, a comedy series created in the Halo game engine now in its 11th season; RT Shorts, A series of skits featuring some of the Staff members; RT Podcast, formally known as the Drunk Tank and has topped the iTunes charts several...

Anime, Manga and Other Stuff > Sword Art Online Review

Posted 09 May 2013

Before I start I want to mention that any words underlined like this  are words that have an explanation on my glossary page  so you may want to have a look at that if you don't understand those words.

So I've wanted to do this for a while, that is write about anime  and manga , but it doesn't really belong as an article, nor does it exactly fit in with...

Anime, Manga and Other Stuff > Glossary

Posted 08 May 2013

There are several terms in Japanese (like most languages) that don't really have a direct English equivalent and instead need to be explained a bit more. So instead of explaining the full thing every time I want to use such a word in my blog entries I'll just use that word an then have a list of all those words and what they mean here. I would recommend j...

Deathirst's Blog > Hacking Recovery

Posted 10 July 2012

So I was hacked a few days ago, when I found out I planned on getting rid of all my stuff and starting a new account, Thankfully everyone in the cc at the time discouraged me from doing that and I decided to atleast wait till I had calmed down (it wasn't just the being hacked thing either there were a few other things that were on my mind as well, it...

Deathirst's Blog > My return

Posted 25 June 2012

So, Finally returned to Runescape and to the clan :D

For a while I've considered rejoining the clan but I couldn't find it since the old website was down (with no link to the new one) and through searching TRR or the Runescape Rebelz all I could find were old recruitment posts which linked to the old website (ironically many of them were posted by...

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