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Camera Glitch (RAGGEEEEEE!!!!)

May 23, 2012 - 05:51 PM

Apparently, something screwed up and then I screwed up by saving on that screw up...therefore, I can no longer get this one savefile to work properly.Here's the problem: Basically, in the middle of a battle of deathlords, my character goes into killmode (3rd person) and the camera freezes in place, while my character can still move around and attack. Unfortuantely, as I said I saved during this issue and now when I load the savefile by itself I'm stuck between the ceiling and the outside (can hear the wilds); though I can return it back to the static camera glitch state by loading a regular save, then reloading the glitched one.How do I solve this issue, or do I just give up on that savefile altogether?'Cause so far...I USE TO HAVE A SAVEFILE, UNTIL I TOOK A GLITCH TO THE F**KING KNEE!

Build Criticisms/Suggestions

May 05, 2012 - 06:35 AM

Just wondering what any experienced player thinks of this build: http://skyrimcalculator.com/#121000

I'm mostly wondering if I'm spreading the character too thin focusing on 6 skills (technically 7, though the last is only 2 perks in 1H), albeit I was able to build it exactly to the 50 levels required. And he's going to be your basic battlemage of sorts, using bound weapons and summons to fight (with shields in certain fights).

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