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Lv 60 Spell-Archer Build

June 25, 2013 - 01:55 PM

Prenote: This is my first build in a long time, so no hating, ha. it may not be as detailed as some of the others, but this is layout is straight-forward and to the point. I hope any that do use it can give me a hand with what to tweak. (sorry in advance for the table spacing issues giving the guide an odd look)

Level 60 Orthodox Mage:


Build Number Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 Stat 5 Stat 6Stat 7
Build 1 100 Archery 100 Smithing 80 Light Armor 60 Sneak 100 Conjuration70 Destruction 100 Enchanting

Personal Notes: This somewhat odd build will maximize your ranged ability, along with the use of higher damaging spells, things should easily go your way. possibly meant to be played on Legendary but would require play testing. Why would i make a double ranged build you ask? Well simple. Magic, although useful can be somewhat weak unless you have a stupid amount of magicka, and even with it reduced to 0% casting, it's still not super powerful. you can easily use Archery to be stealthy from a far and deal sneak damage. it's like a spell blade but with bows.


For your weapon though, I highly suggest against paralyze because of the level 100 perk. it's saved me innumerable amounts of times. stick to an elemental damage, or go with something like (Fiery) Soul Trap or even just a simple absorb. 


You could favorite two bows, the first with Elemental and lets say for example absorb health, pretty basic. your other bow could be absorb magicka for casters along with shock to really just put them in their place.

Enchants: Option 1 Option 2
Helmet Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction
Chest Fortify DestructionFortify Stamina Regen. (or other)
Hands Fortify ArcheryFortify Sneak
Feet Fortify Carry WeightMuffle
Ring Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction
Amulet Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction

Perk Distribution:
Link to the necessary perks: http://skyrimcalculator.com/#305259

Health/Magicka/Stamina Distribution:

Value Health Stamina Magicka
Distributed20 9 29
Base 100 100 100
Ending Value 300 190 390


Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

June 25, 2013 - 12:45 PM

Hello all you Borderlands 2 fan junkies! 

Unknown here, and i bring great news if you haven't already seen the title or noticed it on Steam/xbox home. Today is the day that the final DLC for Borderlands 2 comes out!Based on the description I read, which I'll conveniently post here for all you awesome people;


"Sorcerers, Wizards and Crumpets, oh my! join vault hunters, old and new, in Tiny Tina epic quest of revenge and redemption. Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, the biggest and most inspired add-on content in Borderlands history, features a game within a game, as Tiny Tina takes on the role of Bunker Master in a game of "Bunkers & Badassess". Travel through a dark and ever changing world of castles, dungeons and magic forests as you fight off skeletons, orcs, dragons and more. Explore side missions and answer riddles as you roll your insight stat to gain new and amazing loot. Join with friends to save the queen and restore peace and order to the world once more."


Wow, that was intense, ha. When i finish this download and beat it, i will comment back letting you know just on a scale of 1-10 how awesome it was!


this is a $10/800ms point download for those without the season pass, and this DLC is a whopping 1.77GB download


Unknown out, happy dungeon crawling!

1.9 powerleveling guide updates

April 27, 2013 - 04:37 PM

This is a place to post for anybody who has other methods aside the ones mentioned in my guide, please post them here as more people seem to look through here. I will post any updates into the guide with full credit to the poster. Help out others and show everybody your moves!



To view the guide itself, click this link!: http://eldersouls.co...after-patch-19/

Power-Leveling after Patch 1.9

April 14, 2013 - 06:19 PM

Hey everybody, after a long time, I am finally back! 


As most of you may know, with the coming of this update, it came with a long list of fixes - Skyrim 1.9 Update Arrives on Consoles.

Well, as you know, the Oghma Infinium era is over; however this is not the end of the ridiculous leveling schemes that have been devised. This is for the player who doesn't mind to get his hands a little "dirty" with using some in-game glitches. If you'd rather level legitimately, check out our Fastest Ways to Level in Skyrim guide, which contains a break-down of the best methods for every skill.

This glitch is Alchemic potion for Fortify Restoration. With a few of these, your crafting armor can and will be anywhere up to 1,000,000%! now, hopefully if you did not do it too much (enough to completely destroy using Smithing and Alchemy forever [a glitch explained later on]), you should be able to temper a single item from 15 to 100 with a legendary skill. You can do this same thing with Alchemy as well, though it is highly ill advised.

As with my personal experience, it took 125 full (15-100) Legendary levels of Smithing, and 21 full Legendary levels of Alchemy to hit level 251 (the level at which a player can acquire every perk in skyrim) I chose Smithing, though if anybody can inform me to any other method of this, I'm open to ideas. On to the bread and butter of this guide!:

Method 1: Crafting armor, Smithing and You


Skill Raised: Smithing


Since you should already be level 81 with 100 smithing you should make about 10-15 Iron daggers and make sets of 6 Dwarven bows. From my personal experience, after tempering the first three bows in Legendary, you should be at about 29 Smithing. Temper the dagger and you'll hit 32. Invest two points into until you hit Dwarven Metal Smithing and temper the last three to 100. rinse and repeat until you decide you are happy.

Method 2: Starting from scratch with Alchemy and Smithing


Skill Raised: Smithing (and Alchemy)


Using the Fortify Restoration potion method (you need the reagents for it, along with a set of crafting armor), make anywhere between 3-7 of these potions in that order of: Make --> Drink --> Unequip armor/Reequip armor --> repeat. This'll make it so that each re-equip and un-equip will make the effect stick. If you keep one extra potion, then drink it when you are smithing, then it'll take 1 item per 15-100 Legendary level. Repeat until happy

Method 3: Fortify Restoration and the benefits of Alchemy


Skill Raised: Alchemy


This method is extremely simple; however, doing this runs the risk of making your Alchemy "level" value high enough to the point where it isn't functional anymore. Do the Restoration glitch 2-4 times and the +100% of the item potency on your crafting set will multiply ridiculously. After this, if you so choose, then just simply make some other potion that you already have a bulk of Reagents for. Hopefully it should get you from 15-100. Rinse and repeat.

Method 4: 100 Illusion and harmony for days


Skill Raised: Illusion

(Credit for this addition goes to Jake) Acquire 100 Illusion by whatever means you see fit and buy the Harmony Spell (now findable in vendors pre-Master quest due to 1.9) and Legendary your Illusion, then head to Whiterun and cast it about nine times. This should get you to 100 Illusion again. Rinse and repeat till desired level.


Method 5: 100 sneaking and Anti-PETA


Skill Raised: Sneak


(Credit for this addition goes to dan_Guy) Acquire 100 sneaking normally or however you fancy, then invest a point or a couple into the first skill so you can gain levels faster as you go back to stealth faster. spend about 1,000 gold to get a horse (the poster suggested Whiterun) then corner the animal. Using an iron dagger, go into sneak and swing away, he recommends waiting for 1 hour at about 50, 80, and 90 so the horse's health is fully restored. 


Method 6: beginning speedrun?


Skill Raised: Sneak


There is a way in the very beginning of the game to get level 100 sneak. This way was that you would sneak attack the Stormcloak fellow (pardon me for forgetting his name) that is helping you escape. with this update, you should be able to hit 100, then reset while you're still there. rinse and repeat because he is considered quest and will never die.

*Note: There possibly runs a problem with the higher leveled Legendary "Prestiges" where you'll get less levels per Prestige. I encountered this around Le80 Smithing and was getting just barely one Smithing level per Prestige. Keeps this in mind and if you happen to go the smithing route, the second method may be more material conservative in the long run.

*Note2: With the Restoration "glitch" people including myself have seemed to run into the effect where elongated use of the glitch will cause your Alchemy and Smithing (if used while under the effects) Will become unable to function. When under normal level 100 Smithing, you'll see ALL tempered or improved items will only temper to fine, and ALL potions will be 1% and possibly sell for 1 coin.


Method 7: Being a Mule across the world


Skill Raised: Alteration


(Credit to Randy_Cabbage for this addition) This is pretty simple actually. Just make a full set of armor that reduces your alteration to 0% per cast and grip something in your telekinetic grip and keep on holding it. now simply press B (or the same constant for  PS3, I'm having a brain fart) and click a location to fast-travel to. voila! you should now have leveled your Alteration skill from 15 to 100 within a single trip! 


Method 8: Being a Fish above water, still deadly...


Skill Raised: Illusion


[B](Credit to DeathclawSlayer for this addition) This one came in recently and what you have to do is maybe one of the more simple ones. This method deals in illusion and after casting Water-Breathing and equilibrium and running while in shallow water. The method will bring up illusion somewhat fast and eventually get you to 100. Hopefully this makes Illusion easier for everybody! :D


This is not for everybody, keep this in mind before deciding to power-level.

[color=rgb(0,255,0);]-Original Guide by Unknown ProbLem[/color]

Theoretical new level cap

April 09, 2013 - 01:27 PM

While our Wonderful Eldersoulers continue to Legendary their skills, doing a small chunk of research has lead me to learn that while there being no set cap, the player officially will acquire EVERY perk in the game at level 251.If they did not patch the Restoration glitch, this could theoretically be reached in a single day if you are so inclined. Even with Legendary, this may ruin the game. I will later comment how many Legendary reca


EDIT: I will later comment how many Legendary "recaps" it'll take to hit this massively daunting number. My guess will be that it will take a rather long time but i'll sacrifice one of my 81's to power level him to 251. Wish me luck!

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