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#29304 The Most Annoying Animal, (or creature such as frostbite)

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on September 08, 2013 - 05:41 PM

My Top 5 Is:

5. Frostbite spiders, because they wreck low levels

4. anything dwarven, because I've done enough 1-81 Oghma runs to hate them with a passion

3. Wolves, because they are EVERYWHERE, like absolutely everywhere and they are stupid, like moon moon

2. Falmer, practically beasts, somewhat zombie-esque and they wield weapons. they bother and scare me on occasion

1. Chaurus and Chaurus Reapers, because they are large giant armored creatures that spit and are very very aggressive. I hate them with a passion and will sometimes kill hordes of them for fun.

#28106 Lv 60 Spell-Archer Build

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on June 25, 2013 - 01:55 PM

Prenote: This is my first build in a long time, so no hating, ha. it may not be as detailed as some of the others, but this is layout is straight-forward and to the point. I hope any that do use it can give me a hand with what to tweak. (sorry in advance for the table spacing issues giving the guide an odd look)

Level 60 Orthodox Mage:


Build Number Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 Stat 5 Stat 6Stat 7
Build 1 100 Archery 100 Smithing 80 Light Armor 60 Sneak 100 Conjuration70 Destruction 100 Enchanting

Personal Notes: This somewhat odd build will maximize your ranged ability, along with the use of higher damaging spells, things should easily go your way. possibly meant to be played on Legendary but would require play testing. Why would i make a double ranged build you ask? Well simple. Magic, although useful can be somewhat weak unless you have a stupid amount of magicka, and even with it reduced to 0% casting, it's still not super powerful. you can easily use Archery to be stealthy from a far and deal sneak damage. it's like a spell blade but with bows.


For your weapon though, I highly suggest against paralyze because of the level 100 perk. it's saved me innumerable amounts of times. stick to an elemental damage, or go with something like (Fiery) Soul Trap or even just a simple absorb. 


You could favorite two bows, the first with Elemental and lets say for example absorb health, pretty basic. your other bow could be absorb magicka for casters along with shock to really just put them in their place.

Enchants: Option 1 Option 2
Helmet Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction
Chest Fortify DestructionFortify Stamina Regen. (or other)
Hands Fortify ArcheryFortify Sneak
Feet Fortify Carry WeightMuffle
Ring Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction
Amulet Fortify ArcheryFortify Destruction

Perk Distribution:
Link to the necessary perks: http://skyrimcalculator.com/#305259

Health/Magicka/Stamina Distribution:

Value Health Stamina Magicka
Distributed20 9 29
Base 100 100 100
Ending Value 300 190 390


#27096 Power-Leveling after Patch 1.9

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on April 14, 2013 - 06:19 PM

Hey everybody, after a long time, I am finally back! 


As most of you may know, with the coming of this update, it came with a long list of fixes - Skyrim 1.9 Update Arrives on Consoles.

Well, as you know, the Oghma Infinium era is over; however this is not the end of the ridiculous leveling schemes that have been devised. This is for the player who doesn't mind to get his hands a little "dirty" with using some in-game glitches. If you'd rather level legitimately, check out our Fastest Ways to Level in Skyrim guide, which contains a break-down of the best methods for every skill.

This glitch is Alchemic potion for Fortify Restoration. With a few of these, your crafting armor can and will be anywhere up to 1,000,000%! now, hopefully if you did not do it too much (enough to completely destroy using Smithing and Alchemy forever [a glitch explained later on]), you should be able to temper a single item from 15 to 100 with a legendary skill. You can do this same thing with Alchemy as well, though it is highly ill advised.

As with my personal experience, it took 125 full (15-100) Legendary levels of Smithing, and 21 full Legendary levels of Alchemy to hit level 251 (the level at which a player can acquire every perk in skyrim) I chose Smithing, though if anybody can inform me to any other method of this, I'm open to ideas. On to the bread and butter of this guide!:

Method 1: Crafting armor, Smithing and You


Skill Raised: Smithing


Since you should already be level 81 with 100 smithing you should make about 10-15 Iron daggers and make sets of 6 Dwarven bows. From my personal experience, after tempering the first three bows in Legendary, you should be at about 29 Smithing. Temper the dagger and you'll hit 32. Invest two points into until you hit Dwarven Metal Smithing and temper the last three to 100. rinse and repeat until you decide you are happy.

Method 2: Starting from scratch with Alchemy and Smithing


Skill Raised: Smithing (and Alchemy)


Using the Fortify Restoration potion method (you need the reagents for it, along with a set of crafting armor), make anywhere between 3-7 of these potions in that order of: Make --> Drink --> Unequip armor/Reequip armor --> repeat. This'll make it so that each re-equip and un-equip will make the effect stick. If you keep one extra potion, then drink it when you are smithing, then it'll take 1 item per 15-100 Legendary level. Repeat until happy

Method 3: Fortify Restoration and the benefits of Alchemy


Skill Raised: Alchemy


This method is extremely simple; however, doing this runs the risk of making your Alchemy "level" value high enough to the point where it isn't functional anymore. Do the Restoration glitch 2-4 times and the +100% of the item potency on your crafting set will multiply ridiculously. After this, if you so choose, then just simply make some other potion that you already have a bulk of Reagents for. Hopefully it should get you from 15-100. Rinse and repeat.

Method 4: 100 Illusion and harmony for days


Skill Raised: Illusion

(Credit for this addition goes to Jake) Acquire 100 Illusion by whatever means you see fit and buy the Harmony Spell (now findable in vendors pre-Master quest due to 1.9) and Legendary your Illusion, then head to Whiterun and cast it about nine times. This should get you to 100 Illusion again. Rinse and repeat till desired level.


Method 5: 100 sneaking and Anti-PETA


Skill Raised: Sneak


(Credit for this addition goes to dan_Guy) Acquire 100 sneaking normally or however you fancy, then invest a point or a couple into the first skill so you can gain levels faster as you go back to stealth faster. spend about 1,000 gold to get a horse (the poster suggested Whiterun) then corner the animal. Using an iron dagger, go into sneak and swing away, he recommends waiting for 1 hour at about 50, 80, and 90 so the horse's health is fully restored. 


Method 6: beginning speedrun?


Skill Raised: Sneak


There is a way in the very beginning of the game to get level 100 sneak. This way was that you would sneak attack the Stormcloak fellow (pardon me for forgetting his name) that is helping you escape. with this update, you should be able to hit 100, then reset while you're still there. rinse and repeat because he is considered quest and will never die.

*Note: There possibly runs a problem with the higher leveled Legendary "Prestiges" where you'll get less levels per Prestige. I encountered this around Le80 Smithing and was getting just barely one Smithing level per Prestige. Keeps this in mind and if you happen to go the smithing route, the second method may be more material conservative in the long run.

*Note2: With the Restoration "glitch" people including myself have seemed to run into the effect where elongated use of the glitch will cause your Alchemy and Smithing (if used while under the effects) Will become unable to function. When under normal level 100 Smithing, you'll see ALL tempered or improved items will only temper to fine, and ALL potions will be 1% and possibly sell for 1 coin.


Method 7: Being a Mule across the world


Skill Raised: Alteration


(Credit to Randy_Cabbage for this addition) This is pretty simple actually. Just make a full set of armor that reduces your alteration to 0% per cast and grip something in your telekinetic grip and keep on holding it. now simply press B (or the same constant for  PS3, I'm having a brain fart) and click a location to fast-travel to. voila! you should now have leveled your Alteration skill from 15 to 100 within a single trip! 


Method 8: Being a Fish above water, still deadly...


Skill Raised: Illusion


[B](Credit to DeathclawSlayer for this addition) This one came in recently and what you have to do is maybe one of the more simple ones. This method deals in illusion and after casting Water-Breathing and equilibrium and running while in shallow water. The method will bring up illusion somewhat fast and eventually get you to 100. Hopefully this makes Illusion easier for everybody! :D


This is not for everybody, keep this in mind before deciding to power-level.

[color=rgb(0,255,0);]-Original Guide by Unknown ProbLem[/color]


Posted by Unknown ProbLem on December 28, 2012 - 05:08 PM

I enjoy this guide a lot, as it's very detailed, though if you don't mind, I could elaborate to help out, or something to add a little bit of detail to it.



so lets do that.



    [*]grab a pickaxe
    [*]go to any mine and start mining.

    here's a list of some mines ive picked up from youtube videos and other info sources

    Gold: Kolskeggr Mine (24 veins)
    Corundum: Darkwater Crossing (5 veins), Blackreach (3 veins), Snowpoint Beacon (2 veins)
    Iron: Embershard Mine (8 veins), Halted Stream Camp (16 veins), Stonehills (4 veins)
    Quicksilver: The Tower Stone (2 veins)
    Malachite: Steamscorch Mine (7 veins)
    Orichalcum: Bilegulch Mine (9 veins), Dushnikh Mine (9 veins), Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (3 veins)
    Ebony: Gloombound Mine (16 veins), Throat of the World (2 veins), Redbelly Mine (3 veins)
    Moonstone: Mzulft (7 veins), Soljund’s Sinkhole (5 veins)

You can use mining to either sell (low smithing skill) or you can craft items for roughly double to triple the amount, and even more for enchants. As with living off the land, using crafting materials to sell raw, is not the greatest, but the value goes up the more things you make for the least amount of materials.


    [*]find an area that cuts wood   (riverwood)
    [*]cut the wood and collect "firewood"
    [*]sell wood for 5 gold per set.

This method covers itself, but it is incredibly easy to get wood, and lots of it. you can easily make money, and the best part is, the people you sell to have an infinite set limit of gold to offer you.


    [*]time consuming and laborious
    [*]find a dungeon
    [*]enter and kill everything in your path in whatever way suits your needs
    [*]retrieve all the loot you can and search every crevice you can find

this is all somewhat dependent on your level, as dungeons level with you, until you hit past 50. to be effective, you can find a human body and put all your extra weight in that corpse and drag it to the entrance. just hurry of course as all things eventually de-spawn in the area.


    [*]hit every chest you can 
    [*]every house, every night, no exceptions.
    [*]steal every possible thing you can find then run like hell if you get caught




      [*]every dragon has money
      [*]every dragon has scales
      [*]every dragon has bones
      [*]all are worth something

Dragons also carry extra and sometimes rare items. upon hitting the mid seventies, you can encounter Legendary Dragons which almost commonly will drop Daedric items. The scales and bones of dragons, while heavy and a burden to hold on to, if you manage to have 100 smithing, I highly advise making them into Dragonscale and Dragonplate armor, as they obviously sell for more.


    [*]increase your speech
    [*]invest in shops
    [*]increase the shop keepers gold output
    [*]sell everything you find




      [*]find every possible work you can and do all of it.
      [*]work for the thieves guild
      [*]work for the dark brotherhood



        [*]i dont care what it is take it
        [*]after you kill an enemy take all that they have
        [*]get overloaded and get on a horse
        [*]go to the nearest town and sell sell sell.

  Thank you for your time and hopefully this addition is helpful in any way.

#21454 Skyrim Speed running guide/tutorial

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 11, 2012 - 01:50 PM

Unknown ProbLem's Personal Speed running guide for Skyrim!

-By Unknown ProbLem

Table of Contents:
Starting out:
[jumpanchor='Chapter1'][jumplink='Chapter1a']Chapter 1: A Noob's Life[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='DChapter2i'][jumplink='DChapter2ia']Dedication, Chapter 1: The New Frontier[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='DChapter2ii'][jumplink='DChapter2iia']Dedication, Chapter 2: Gotta Catch 'em All![/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='DChapter2iii'][jumplink='DChapter2iiia']Dedication, Chapter 3: Gotta Catch 'em All! Part II[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='DChapter2iv'][jumplink='DChapter2iva']Dedication, Chapter 4: Gotta Catch 'em All! Part III[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
Quest Shenanigans:
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansi'][jumplink='QShenanigansia']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 1: Dragon?, This isn't the dragon you're looking for...[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansii'][jumplink='QShenanigansiia']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 2: Staves, and more reasons to hate Altmer[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansiii'][jumplink='QShenanigansiiia']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 3: Jealousy and Anger don't mix well[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansiv'][jumplink='QShenanigansiva']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 4: With a Golden Touch, 100,000 Isn't that Hard[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansv'][jumplink='Qshenanigansva']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 5: Twilight, the Skyrim Love Story[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansvi'][jumplink='QShenanigansvia']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 6: For Skyrim!!![/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='QShenanigansvii'][jumplink='QShenanigansviia']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 7: Team Jacob, Still Under Powered[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='MiscEasy'][jumplink='MiscEasya']Miscellaneous, Chapter 1: "Easy" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='MiscMedium][jumplink='MiscMediuma']Miscellaneous, Chapter 2: "Medium" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]
[jumpanchor='MiscHard'][jumplink='MiscHarda']Miscellaneous, Chapter 3: "Hard" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

NOTE: You're overall goal for armor, will be to make the "Infinity" Set, which can technically be any armor type due to perk placement. You'll need to do the alchemy glitch, which I'll have a link to another page written by me explaining a few common glitches. You'll start by needing 4 Grand Soul Gem (Grand)s and a Helmet, Gloves, Necklace, and Ring. Hopefully you've found the Smithing and Alchemy enchantments by now, but if you haven't swing by Warmaiden's or even Belethor's to do the Auto-Reset vendor glitch until you come across them both. This will but a small or large dent into your funds, but in the long run will be very useful. In the glitch link, read the Restoration/Alchemy glitch and make the potions you'll need with a decent kick to them (anything like 10,000,000% is pretty good, you're looking for never-ending, not just super-human) and when you acquire all the required enchantments, enchant them like so:

Potion count:
Potion of Fortify Enchanting x6
Potion of Fortify Restoration x5-7
Potion of Smithing x1-3

Helmet: Fortify Magicka and Fortify Alchemy
Necklace: Fortify Healing Rate and Fortify Stamina Regeneration
Chest Piece: Fortify Smithing and Fortify Health
Gauntlets: Fortify Lockpicking and Fortify Pickpocketing
Ring: Fortify Magicka Regeneration and Fortify Stamina
Boots: Fortify Carry Weight and Muffle

This will cover you to infinite health, magicka, and stamina. Also you'll have practically infinite regen on them, so you technically don't need the rest of the armor aside the Ring and Necklace. The boots have Carry Weight and Muffle so you can carry pretty much anything without needing to stop to put things away, and I'll explain your favorites in a moment.

You'll want only 4-6 things.
1. Your glitched overkill bow, dagger, and sword.
2. Dragonrend
3. Whirlwind Sprint
4. Your Muffle spell until you acquire the enchantment

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 65/1250 Total Trophies: 4/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='Chapter1a'][jumplink='Chapter1']Starting out: A Noob's Life[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Just as you thought things couldn't get any better for you, you start Skyrim off on the chopping block for something you'll never know you did. However, just as you thought your "average" day couldn't get any worse, a dragon drops in to visit. He crashes the party, yet saves your life by knocking the executioner out of the way. Rolof helps you to your feet and tells you to run away. After running and running and more killing, you'll get to a stealth part, where Rolof gives you a bow and arrows. Now when you killed the torturer mage in the prison/dungeon hopefully you grabbed his Steel Dagger as it's most effective. When reaching the sneak area, and Rolof gives you the bow, you need to situate him into a corner, with his back facing you. Here is where you get your wonderful first set of achievements. You'll earn 3 new achievements, Apprentice, Adept and Skill Master, for a whopping 55 total Gamerscore, or 3 trophies. to get the Skill Master this early, you need to hit Rolof with sneak hits for roughly 45 minutes (average on my 3 level 81 runs) to hit 100.
To get the other two, just simply level up and switch between back and forth between health and stamina for the time being. You won't level up for quite a while (try not to until later) and you'll be around 16-18 after 100 Sneak. Follow the rest of the quest and get out of the Helgen cave system and earn your next achievement "Unbound". You now have 65 Gamerscore, or 4 Trophies and you just started. Thus begins the next Chapter, which takes a bit of dedication and skill. Making a speed run for a much more advanced player.

Posted Image Total Gamerscore: 75/1250 Total Trophies: 5/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='DChapter2ia'][jumplink='DChapter2i']Dedication, Chapter 1: The New Frontier[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Right after finishing Unbound head directly for that first Standing stone and train for the Warrior Stone and earn Blessed for 10G and run to Riverwood. You won't be spending very long here and I'm going to give you all a treat, a summary of my Oghma Infinium guide. Yes, that is right everybody, you are getting one of the most time consuming things out of the way first, you are going to hit 81 before you start the main quest, or the side Guild quests. You'll be heading up to Septimus Sigmus's Outpost in the very northern tip of Skyrim, past the College of Winterhold.
NOTE: You need to make sure that on the way there you discover Alftand and if you want, the College of Winterhold (for later). This is because Alftand is set as your quest marker for the quest you need to hit 81. This quest is none other than "Discerning the Transmundane".
You need to be at least level 15 to start the rest of this quest, but upon meeting Septimus, he'll ask you to retrieve an Elder Scroll. Try to get as many locations as you can, just don't go way out of your way, as you'll have plenty of time later to get Explorer. Once your journey brings you to his outpost, the "real fun" begins and now starts a somewhat frustrating endeavor.

(No new achievements earned here) Total Gamerscore: 75/1250 Total Trophies: 5/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='DChapter2iia'][jumplink='DChapter2ii']Dedication, Chapter 2: Gotta Catch 'em All![/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

You've now accepted the quest and you are off to Alftand which you should fast travel to for effort of saving time. You'll run and hopefully find the muffle spell like I found on my speed run, which was incredibly lucky, however, you may not be as lucky as I am. Try to pick as many locks as possible and even save before you attempt if you're running low so you can try again. Your goal is to get a decent enough weapon to kill the higher leveled enemies (normally if you can kill as single falmer, take the weapon and you should be good.) And reach the end and snipe the Dwarven Centurion with your bow until he falls. Loot both of them and head to through the gate, you'll see two people fighting, let them fight, and clear the leftovers, though be aware that the Spellsword/Battle-mage uses decently high spells and can kill you pretty easily.
Use the things Septimus gave you and journey into Blackreach. (NOTE: there are 3 Dwarven Centurions on the map of Blackreach, one in front of you and two spread around the map. One is on a dock around the Tower of Mzark (Your objective) and the other is under a bridge around a giant.) You can do what is in the parentheses, or quickly power through to the Tower and do the quick puzzle to get the scroll, HOWEVER, do not forget to take Ruined Lexicon from the holding platform next to the mechanism's buttons. Head top-side and return to Septimus.

Posted Image Total Gamerscore: 85/1250 Total Trophies: 6/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='DChapter2iiia'][jumplink='DChapter2iii']Dedication, Chapter 3: Gotta Catch 'em All! Part II[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

After doing the challenge of Alftand and return to Septimus, he gives you (surprise, right?) another mundane and frustrating task. You must find the blood of all the Mer races (a.k.a Elves) and extract their fallen and fresh blood. (NOTE: to start this part, you MUST be level 15+ or he'll tell you he'll tell you when he need your assistance and the quest glitches) This is a good time to quickly earn 8,000 gold and head by carriage to Markarth. The reason you are heading there, is upon clearing a little bit of forsworn and retrieving a shield for the Jarl, you can now buy property and quickly get a house. I also chose this one, because it is a house you can buy for free by a glitch that'll be mentioned later.
For now, after doing these and gaining some new locations, head out to Whiterun via carriage and enter the main gate. you'll want to make an immediate right and then another into a tiny room with a lone barrel in it. Jump on the barrel and step to the outside (right) edge of the barrel and jump. if you complete a full jump, that means you are "outside the barrier" and then jump forward onto the fortification ledge. You have now hopefully gotten out of Whiterun, now run along the wall to your left and head for the Skyforge. I can't 100% explain the invisible barrier you'll pass, just that it is close to the wall on the rubble pile's right side. climb up it and glitch under Whiterun to find a chest, Eurland Grey-mane's inventory chest as a matter of fact. Which upon reset, or your first time in the city, will ALWAYS carry 1,000 gold at least on average. After looting the chest, head back into the map (via fast travel or walking towards the stairs then heading back up) and talk to him for the first time and see what he has. his inventory will reset and you do it again. Since he is flagged as essential, you cannot reset his inventory via the "Save-Kill-Load" method, and you must wait 48 in-game hours and talk again for it to reset. Do this until you have your 8,000 gold and return to Markarth to do your next glitch. (NOTE: For xbox players, if you press your guide right after setting a wait cycle for 24 hours, you'll increase your wait speed astronomically making the wait significantly less, this is HIGHLY advised)
Talk to the steward and tell him you'll buy the house for 8,000 gold. right after he starts the dialogue saying how you bought it, immediately back out of the conversation and turn around and activate the chest behind you, and deposit all of your gold. Wait for him to finish all of his dialogue and retrieve your money. Rinse and repeat to buy everything Vlindrel Hall has to offer then be on your way. You'll pick up the Citizen Achievement/Trophy and can return to working on the "Discerning the Transmundane" quest.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 160/1250 Total Trophies: 9/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='DChapter2iva'][jumplink='DChapter2iv']Dedication, Chapter 4: Gotta Catch 'em All! Part III[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

This part is rather short because with the help of a previously made guide by myself revolving around the entire quest, here is generally how to do the glitch, and it is HIGHLY recommended to save after every branch of skills are completed. http://eldersouls.co...-glitchexploit/ This is the link to my guide, and hopefully you'll be able to find bloods faster, as some are harder than others, such as Altmer (a.k.a High Elves) If you are having trouble finding one, you'll have to risk a -1,000 gold dent in your pocket to kill one of the High Elves populating Markarth's very own Understone Keep. Once you finally and hopefully quickly find all the Mer bloods, return to Septimus and watch him inject it, beholding the "falsimily" as he put it, open the giant and deep Dwarven box. you'll finish the quest and become Hermaeus Mora's daedric champion and earn an honest 10G for Daedric Influence. Now quickly return to Vlindrel Hall and get all your skills to 100 and level to 81, earning Expert and Master for a total of 75G, almost doubling your total in about a half hour.
Your perks should be very simple, such as this build I created, however there are a few discrepancies with what perks should be put in and for the Whiterun glitch, you may want to find something to replace so you can get +1,500 Gold added to his chest via the Speech perks (+500 for investing and another +1,000 for the last perk) but try it like this anyways, I'm currently at almost 90,000 gold after a 9 days. (Build thread link: http://eldersouls.co...speedrun-build/ )

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 350/1250 Total Trophies: 18/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansia'][jumplink='QShenanigansi']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 1: Dragon?, This isn't the dragon you're looking for...[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Alright, fantastic, if you've made it this far, you have your first Daedric quest under your belt and you can now start the mass and fast ownage of the somewhat short Main Quest line. Time to put on your Skyrim A-Game and go for a Main-Quest single sitting beat for a large Achievement/Trophy boost. Burn quickly through the short dungeon of Bleak Falls Barrow and earn the achievement for the quest. Continue to do the Main-Quest line as fast as you can, taking a real life eating break or whatever whenever you need to (no sense in dying) and keep going.
Congratulations for completing the Main-Questline, there aren't really any shortcuts to it, aside for maybe knowing a certain part that makes the quest shorter, etc. Now you'll want to use that College of Winterhold marker you found earlier, as that is your next quest-line.
I Forgot to add, but upon completing "Bleak Falls Barrow", you'll absorb your first dragon soul, no matter what, thus getting the Dragon Soul achievement.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 400/1250 Total Trophies: 21/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansiia'][jumplink='QShenanigansii']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 2: Staves, and more reasons to hate Altmer[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Alright, head to your favorite hold, Winterhold and walk up to the "Gatekeeper" Foralda and talk to her about joining. Normally you'd have to do the beginning task, however because you have maxed speech, you can persuade her and she'll do it for you. Upon entering, you unlock the "gatekeeper' achievement for 10G, now talk to the mage giving the tour, then head straight into the Hall of Elements to learn your Ward lesson with Tolfdir and his other apprentices. After finishing that, he'll tell you to meet him at Saarthal and do that.
For this Quest set, I don't think there are any shortcuts, so just continue through the questline as fast as you feel comfortable, and earn your next set of quest achievements and a shiny new staff, the Staff of Magnus.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 450/1250 Total Trophies: 24/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansiiia'][jumplink='QShenanigansiii']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 3: Jealousy, and Anger Don't Mix Well[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Oh the Dark Brotherhood, possibly one of the most interesting questlines to watch unfold and you'll see a lot of jealousy and anger play into how things work as a paid assassin. Like most of the other Guild Questlines, there are really no shortcuts for this aside for fast traveling, and by now, if you have been walking to your objectives, or use carriages, you should be close to "Explorer" or have it already. I'll post it however at the end in the Misc Chapter. Most of the Dark Brotherhood quests are very straight-forward, but on the first quest, you are best off killing the Khajit.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 540/1250 Total Trophies: 28/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansiva'][jumplink='QShenanigansiv']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 4: WIth a Golden Touch, 100,000 isn't that hard[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Larceny is your biggest friend in this speed run, however you'll get the last Thieves Guild achievement later. This is because of what is required of it. There are 7-8 things you NEED to get while doing this questine to make extra money. These are the optional "Larceny target" objectives that are hidden to you until picking them up. These items are the Queen Bee Statue, the HonningBrew Decanter, the East Empire Map, the Model Ship, the Dwemer Puzzle Box, the Bust of the Grey Fox and the Left Eye of the Falmer. The Queen Bee Statue is in the master bedroom at the first job. the Decanter is in an expert locked room just past the previous owner's bedroom. The empire map is found in the wardens room on the top of a ledge to the left inside the storage area/docking bay. The model ship is in the Sanctum in an offset room, to find it, you just need to look around a little, however it'll be obvious when you find it, just watch out for traps as it's surrounded by oil. The Puzzle box is found on a small holder inside the second area of the Dwarven Museum. The Bust of the Grey Fox is found on the table to the left of Mercer's plans inside his house. and Finally the Eyes of the Falmer are found very easily as you loot them off of Mercer's body.
These quests are harder than the Dark Brotherhood and the College, but are worth it, and by now you should definitely have 100 locations found, along with at least 13 standing stones found. (Both explorer and Standing Stones are added here)

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 680/1250 Total Trophies: 34/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansva'][jumplink='QShenanigansv']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 5: Twilight, the Skyrim Love Story[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Welcome to Dawnguard. Where the apparent threat of Vampires are ever present and a threat to deal with. At the start of Dawnguard, no matter what you decide, on the start you are looking for the cause of a Vigilant camp being destroyed. What you find is something much much more... unique. You find a dormant vampire clutching onto an Elder scroll... but you ask, wasn't there only one? Not anymore there isn't, and there is quite a story behind them all. Here is where you meet Serana and get the achievement "Awakening". Throughout your time on the Vampire side, and using it as much as you can, you'll hopefully hit Mastery on it before completely finishing Dawnguard. There are several things that come from the experiences, but none cooler than visiting the Soul Cairn. The Soul Cairn is where souls go when they are soul trapped. By the time you leave, you'll learn a new shout, and get the achievement "Beyond Death". Finally, and there is a large spoiler here, but to get the last achievement "Kindred Judgement" You must kill the lord of the Vampires, Lord Harkon. That is the good side, however you can side with him and kill Serana instead as a sacrifice. You can also quickly get the Soul Tear achievement as well, becasue all you need to do is use the Soul Cairn dragon shout. You'll also be able to get the Auriel's Bow achievement by shooting a Bloodcursed Elven arrow into the sun during the day.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 730/1250 Total Trophies: 37/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansvia'][jumplink='QShenanigansvi']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 6: For Skyrim!!![/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

This is the Civil war, Tullius versus Stormcloak. So many options, so little difference. Choose whichever you want, all you need to do is just help the other in conquering most of Skyrim. These are incredibly straight-forward and fast to complete, especially with your weapons. There isn't much to put here, because these are that straight-forward, and are no shortcuts aside for fast-traveling.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 800/1250 Total Trophies: 41/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='QShenanigansviia'][jumplink='QShenanigansvii']Quest Shenanigans, Chapter 7: Team Jacob, Still Under Powered[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

The final questline, saved to get the Werewolf Mastery achievement. Go through this questline, and finish it, but upon finishing it, if you used your werewolf at all, you'll have a head start. What you do, is you save wherever you are, then turn werewolf and kill EVERYTHING, eat EVERYTHING, until you hit mastery, because you probably won't get it any other way. It takes longer than Vampire Lord to hit 11, and the only way you gain experience for it is to eat the hearts of your fallen foes. Conveniently eating hearts are the only way to regain health as well. I wish you luck in getting the werewolf Mastery, as it is, in my opinion, much harder to master.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 910/1250 Total Trophies: 48/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='MiscEasya'][jumplink='MiscEasy']Miscellaneous, Chapter 1: "Easy" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Easy achievements that you could have gotten either during a questline, or very quickly in your spare time. These achievements, in order of image appearance are: Hard Worker, Snake Tongue, Wanted, Married, Artificer, Legendary, and A New You. all of these are fairly simple and have simple objectives, such as getting married or doing a couple common things like chopping wood or making a meal. Legendary is in this list, because you are level 81 and you are much more likely to come across a Legendary dragon, over some lower tier dragon.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 1030/1250 Total Trophies: 53/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='MiscMediuma'][jumplink='MiscMedium']Miscellaneous, Chapter 2: "Medium" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Medium achievements that take a little bit of time, or aren't just acquirable by doing a questline or by just taking a few moments of "off-time" These achievements, in order of appearance by image are: Sideways, Hero of the People, Master Criminal, Delver, and Reader. These achievements are all here, because they require several different objectives, or require a little bit of time to move around all of them.

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image Total Gamerscore: 1250/1250 Total Trophies: 60/60 (50)

[jumpanchor='MiscHarda'][jumplink='MiscHard]Miscellaneous, Chapter 3: "Hard" Achievements[/jumplink][/jumpanchor]

Hard achievements that can take quite a deal of time to complete, and have rather challenging objectives to them. If you don't have the Thief achievement yet, use the "One with the Shadows" achievements and the easiest for the achievement, is to do numbers jobs, however if you don't have Thief, then go for a "Fishing" Job. For the Daedric Artifacts Achievement, I am working on a guide, and is currently the only unfinished part of my Speedrun guide. The achievements, in order of image shown are: One with the Shadows, Thief, Golden Touch, Oblivion Walker, Dragon Hunter, Th'um Master, and Lost to the Ages. Daedric Artifact Guide: http://eldersouls.co...h-walkthroughs/

I hope you enjoy this guide, It isn't extremely detailed, however most of the Questlines don't have many shortcuts, So it's all about just doing what you can. Hopefully this helps people out, and If I missed anything, Please comment and let me know so I, or Traaginen, or Blexun can fix it.

http://www.xbox360ac...v/achievements/ For their Achievement Images
Bethesda for their Game, which I own no rights to and post this strictly for educational purposes.
Microsoft, for possible achievement names, or the Xbox 360 title
Sony, for the use of the PS3 Trophy title.
and any other source i could have possibly used any information from, however, I do claim this as my own work, as I wrote it out completely with my own thoughts

#21213 IRL Picture Thread!

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 02, 2012 - 05:37 PM

Posted Image

and me and my boy joel at a pre grad party
Posted Image

That second photo is just blurry enough to make you look like a super young Tom Hanks. Why do we have so many celebrities?

#21174 Level 50 Pureish Mage Battlestaff

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 01, 2012 - 11:32 PM

Level 50/66 Battle-Staff Mage:

Build Number Stat 1 Stat 2 Stat 3 Stat 4 Stat 5 Stat 6 Stat 7 Stat 8 Stat 9
Build 1 90 Smithing 50 Illusion 100 Conjuration 60 Destruction 90 Restoration 100 Alteration 100 Enchanting
Build 2 80 Heavy Armor 80 Two-Handed 90 Smithing 50 Illusion 100 Conjuration 60 Destruction 90 Restoration 100 Alteration 100 Enchanting

Personal Notes: This character co-insides with a few suggestions for future DLC, including Mage Armor and Battle-Staves. This would explain Two-Handed, but Since it isn't out, the level 50 build has high alteration, allowing for the robe wearing mage more armor (yes, this build is ROBES ONLY)

Enchants: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Helmet Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Destruction Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Restoration Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Alteration
Hands Fortify Magicka and Fortify Two-Handed
Feet Fortify Carry Weight and Muffle
Ring Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Destruction Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Restoration Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Alteration
Amulet Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Destruction Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Restoration Fortify Conjuration and Fortify Alteration

Perk Distribution:
http://skyrimcalculator.com/#168075 Level 50
http://skyrimcalculator.com/#168077 Level 66

Health/Magicka/Stamina Distribution:

Value Health Stamina Magicka
Distributed 20 9 20
Base 100 100 100
Ending Value 300 190 300

#21170 Dawnguard Lets Play on my channel

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 01, 2012 - 09:05 PM

:D Nice Andrew! also, you should post your LP on this thread an number them, I can't wait to see these make their way to the top! Also, test out the Perk Calculator, it's amaziiiiing. if you want, i could do a build for you also :D

#21168 Your Skyrim DLC Wishlist

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 01, 2012 - 08:49 PM

I thought of a MAJOR new idea that would only be possible with what happened for Skyrim. I have three things, the major thing will be the first.

    [*]Inscription: Yes, just like in World of Warcraft, the ability to inscribe spells to rolls of paper, making charcoal or some writing tool along with rolls of paper useful. This would replace the spell making of Oblivion and would work such as normal scrolls. You'd be able to make the same spells just like oblivion, just only one use. You'll be able to bring back spells such as 100 damage spells, and spells that last 2 minutes, or spells with range of 100 yards. Maybe... Bethesda could you know, bring back spell-making tables, however who knows. the addition of a higher level cap would be nice. maybe make the cap 85 or 90? who knows.
    [*]The ability to craft staves: Battle-staves, normal staves, Dragon Priest staves, and the like. Craft an enchantable Daedric Battle-Staff. when it runs out of charge, use it like a normal weapon until its recharged. Adding weapons to Skyrim would make it much much more re-playable, and beefing up the Mage builds would be really nice and I would love to play a Mage with a battle-staff and my third DLC option.
    [*]Mage Armor: Temperable Magic robes. Now you can have Mage armor with Light or Heavy armor pieces on it so you can keep the robe look, yet actually not be as squishy as a soft baked potato. you could temper with Iron, Leather and all the way up to Daedric or Dragon bones/scales. And if you want to make your gear more stylish, it goes to that as well. Maybe the Mage will have a little more beef and bite to it, with all three of these. who knows?

#21166 Dawnguard Lets Play Episode 2 is up! Its going to get interesting...

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on August 01, 2012 - 08:26 PM

Hey Andrew, nice job on the LP, just for future reference, post these in the General Discussion. Questions and stuff will go here, but unless you have a question about your LP, please post it there, but nice :D

#20759 Hideouts ?

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on July 22, 2012 - 05:11 PM

I was playing on a new account, that correlates with the Challenge that I posted and well... I found Fort Snowhawk which is roughly a little North and West of Morthal. Also Meeko's Lodge works pretty well which is south of Solitude. Fort Snowhawk, you need to kill off the necromancers but it has an Enchanting table, Alchemy lab and at least a Grindstone. so you're pretty set.
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#20055 Dawnguard - Everyone Attacks Me

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on July 06, 2012 - 01:17 AM

not to ask a stupid question, but I've found some people (though high level) don't know things about skyrim. Please for anybody who is unsure about the vamparism aspect, here is a small bit:To look at all diseases, and things magically affecting you, bring up your main menu and go from Magic to Active effects. this is helpful also to stop vamparism, because the effect I think takes 2-3 full in-game days to turn you. the pre-camparism disease is called Polymorphic Hemophilia, just pop a cure disease potion or run along to your nearest shrine to clear yourself up.As for the armor being a problem. that is false because of one simple thing, there is no distinct faction armor in Skyrim, unlike in Fallout: New Vegas which has NCR, Legion, etc. This is easily tested because wearing some sort or armor/mages robes do not bring out unique dialogue in people. For instance, being in the thieves guild with Nightingale, nobody cares. yes the armor is mentioned by Karliah at the end of the questline (Under New Management) but aside that, nobody really cares. Also goes along with Daedric artifacts etc. you can walk into markarth wearing full Forsworn and nobody will probably care. Why this is, is unknown but I think it's just that it is too much work for something that doesn't need to be implimented into Skyrim.Finally, to go with Blexun and Traag, your best bet would be to check your bounty and apparently it may apply to all 9 holds, so before starting, check if you have a bounty and close loose ends and pay your dues.side note, maybe you're better off being a vampire if you have a bouty and can't pay your fines, Dawnguard don't want law breakers and criminals.

#20053 Finally got Banish

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on July 06, 2012 - 01:02 AM

You are very welcome Wilde, definitely glad to help somebody ^^

#19765 Marriable Characters in Skyrim

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on June 30, 2012 - 02:53 PM

Currently working on the problem about death of a spouse with the new update, will edit this post upon completion of it, so keep an eye out when I finish.*Update 1: currently and quickly finishing a Thieves Guild quest, then going to confirm or deny the possibility of remarriage in Skyrim as of the current patch.*Update 2: Married Lydia, and ruthlessly shot her several times with the bow, and due to her being my companion as well as wife, only got inheritance. Don't know if you can't remarry if your wife is a companion but I think with the new patch, it wasn't added.Busted: Upon death of your spouse, you aren't greeted with any letter from a courier about possibility of remarriage.

#19432 Best Combat Style in Skyrim

Posted by Unknown ProbLem on June 25, 2012 - 06:10 AM

A question maybe not asked too much around here but what is the best Combat Style? your opinion can be based of expeience, preferrence or whatever, just please provide feedback on what you think.To start us off, Melee. The most common and possibly most used because at some point any character build, or style needs Melee to back it up in close quarters situations. However, when it comes to damage, does it stack up? provided no perks are spent, your typical weapon (Daedric will be our standard for everything from now on) will hit like 60-90 damage when fully tempered (with NO smithing armor/potion boosts) now provided you put some perk points around, either 1H or 2H depending your play style, can now be around 100-250(possible exagguration on the 250) but you notice a dramatic increase. now add your enchanted armor and rings etc. and you are around 200-400 damage. I think the possibly highest however is a sneak perked enchanted armor boosted dagger, as a 15/30x sneak crit on a dagger that does around 100-200 now becomes from (1500-3000)-(3000-6000) damage. Even on master that damage should probably mutilate anything you come in contact with. Next up, Spellcasting, Offensive and Defensive. Where to begin, Destruction first, the most commonly used next to Restoration, you have three types of spells Fire, Frost, and Shok damaging spells. now without perks, the base damage is around a mere 60 for them. on master that is halved to 30. add the perks to make them better, Augmented "insert type" they can be uped to 45 a piece (90 damage). Never forget to add perks into dual casting and for the stagger on Destruction because they improve Destruction a force to be dealt with. the next most common being Restoration, which the base can only heal health lost. With a couple of perk placements, it recovers Stamina. the most powerful spell that isn't once a day is grand healing, which heals a whopping 200 health per cast (and stamina with the perk). Restoration greatly compliments anything as it'll keep you alive and healthy (and maybe kill undead). Conjuration, the "force multiplier" adds on base of one "familiar" to fight for you. prior to master, you can already cause yourself to be a problem because your enemy is distracted by whatever you summoned. once master is reached and the ritual complete, one can permanently summon certain creatures which can come more in handy due to lack of constant re-casting. Alteration is more of a side skill as you alter reality with it, such as your armor or items in the game. best for using transmute to make jewelery for money. Illusion messes with reality itself and allows the user full control with things like invisibility and such. Finally, Archery. Archery to some is seen as the most powerful because with the right tuning and proper placement of perks you can make sneak shots 100% of the time where you may fail with a dagger. normally a standard bow upon master Archery is around 40-70 damage which is lower than Melee. however, upon adding the +5 to the first perk, all bows are double damaged and now with full tempering are almost on par with Melee weapons. Heres the kick, with some skillfully crafted enchanted Archer gear, that "puny" bow can hit upwards of 600 damage! to top that wonderful sundae off with a cherry, get the sneak perk for bows, and you are hitting around 1800 damage at long range garenteed! even on master that is 900+ damage per arrow on a sneak shot. odds are you'll be able to hit a target from distance over stalk raping him with a sharpened death stick.My personal choice as Best is Melee because it is most versitile, however Archery is probably most Over Powered because of sneak. I would've chose Destruction spellcasting because of staggering, but having a few enemies come at you at once is very hard to manage and easy to lose.This has been a comparison by Unknown, enjoy!

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