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#27686 All about ORCS (miscellaneous discussion)

Posted by Death Knight on May 24, 2013 - 02:35 PM

So I play as a heavy armored orc, I use a shield, sword(crit for single combat), war axe( bleeding damage for multiple targets), mace(for combating heavies) & bow(for hunting and softening up targets or administering poisons from a distance before the real combat begins). I also smith and use alchemy (very few points in alchemy & archery so far, it's more of a back up.) I live stronghold to stronghold, pillaging farms, raiding settlements with my Clans-men ( followers that I gear up in orcish equipment.) I only take food, gold, smithing materials & alchemy ingredients etc (that way when I make potions & new equipment I can turn stolen items into an honest profit :P) Between all the strongholds, they have a master block, ,master one handed, expert illusion, expert heavy armor, all kinds of training you'd want plus more (just can't remember right now.) I basically spend all my money on ingredients & smithing materials and training to constantly better myself above all enimies of my clan. If you like orcs, it's a very addicting Roleplay/lifestyle. I always make sure he only eats meat, cheeses, milk etc, only animal related products and sleeps regularly.Some activites to do as a Tribal Orc:-Attacking travellers on the road-Butchering animals from farms/towns etc, for food for your tribe-Mounting full scale attacks on cities with your allied orcs-Raiding small towns for food, gold, ingredients, make a name for the orcs etc. (riverwood, karthwasten, rorikstead, etc)-Clearing out caves/fortresses etc near your stronghold to ensure it's safety.-Mine ore for payment.-Be a wise orc (more magicka based, alchemy etc)-Hunt to bring food for your tribe.All kinds of things to do, just takes a little creativity and it can keep you busy for hours

#25308 Saddest/Most Depressing Moment in Skryim

Posted by Death Knight on January 17, 2013 - 01:46 PM

Did you also give him a sex change? because with the technology back then, if you were capable, i salute you good sir.

#25154 Your Hobby in Skyrim

Posted by Death Knight on January 11, 2013 - 01:51 PM

Some lives/roles I like to play as:-Mercenary: Sleeping at inns eating sleeping regularly, never settle down, just aim to be tamriels best warrior. Smithing, two handed, heavy armor, enchanting.-Merchant: Hire a follower that I jack up with the sweetest gear I can get my fingers on, pretty much everything goes into speech, maybe a little lockpicking, I'll use a one handed weapon, with very few perks.-Hunter: Live in the wilderness in my cabin, hunt kill eat etc. I like to take my pelts, horns, extra food etc to town to barter with (living this way, or as a farmer, you get very little gold making it challenging, and thus fun if you roleplay sleeping & eating regularly.)-Thief, self explanatory.-Monster/Demon Hunter, Kill every troll, dragon, daedra, undead, drauger, ghost, elf, (did i say that out loud....) any evil creature really.-Learner/student: Work sorely on things like enchanting & alchemy, read alot of books, always try to unravel mysteries learn everything I can etc.

#25036 My Thoughts on the Civil War Questline

Posted by Death Knight on January 03, 2013 - 07:41 PM

Well, taking fortified locations is always a good strategy, you can cut off supply lines forestall advances etc. & i think they wanted the civil war questline possibly to be a  little more "realistic" than fantasy. that way you have a broader spectrum of each genre rolled into one game? You have to really look sometimes to see the effect of the civil war, but finding families or individuals dealing with the struggles the war has brought is always rewarding to the explorer.

#24918 secrets of the waterfalls?

Posted by Death Knight on December 28, 2012 - 01:27 PM

Theres one outside of windhelm on the right near where you find the wolf... Annnnd Theres another one by the mill near windhelm, follow the road up from the mill till you find the campsite, the waterfall there go behind and just left of the strongbox is a hidden chest, and a leveled battle axe, both invisible, should also be a heavy armor helmet there as well, the battleaxe should be enchanted.

#20743 Down with the Thalmor

Posted by Death Knight on July 22, 2012 - 07:39 AM

I tend to hunt down all types of scum elves, not just the thalmar. Orcs, wood elves, snow elves, dark elves high elves, if i found a dwarf, it would be impaled as well, i cant explain why i hate elves, i jsut do... Just like i was born with a burning passion to rid the world of hookers = D

#20122 The Elder Scrolls MMO: Now Official

Posted by Death Knight on July 07, 2012 - 07:54 PM

Not if my fortress full of monster hunters has anything to say about it ! i'll take over one of those forts that has a blacksmith, workbench, grindstone and tanning rack, along with an enchanting table, and alchemy table, some prision cells would be nice ( which i really hope implement in this somehow. ) we'll have a mage designated for alchemy and one for enchanting. A blacksmith or two. archers, skirmishers & Knights & paladins, a holy order, not dawnguards, not vigilants, just better. Hunt trolls, daedra, vampires, werewolves, dragons, argonians, any blight upon skyrim, any monster/creature etc and keep skyrim safe from all supernatural threats. Taking contracts, & tips from civilians etc.

#20104 Pictures

Posted by Death Knight on July 06, 2012 - 10:44 PM

I started working nightshift recently, so on my nights off i dont have much to do around the house so i kind of loaf around, read, play the xbox, work out, meditate, and start spending more time on here, so to personalize my profile a bit more, I put some photos up of around my hometown, well, village is a more accuate term, some animals etc, check them out if you feel like it any comments would be appreciated whereas I love where i grew up. I guess alot of folk can say that, but i've always felt a connection to this place, like some sort aura like i'm a part of it, as much as the trees and rocks birds and critters around here are. It's difficult for me to fully explain, but I hope everyone enjoys the pictures !-Sir Gregory

#14658 Is Malacath a Deadric lord you input

Posted by Death Knight on April 10, 2012 - 10:28 AM

Hey now, volendrung is pure rape train.

#13311 kony

Posted by Death Knight on March 11, 2012 - 08:33 AM

#12880 How did the Dark Brotherhood get contracts without the Night Mother?

Posted by Death Knight on March 03, 2012 - 02:24 PM

You make a good point, i was thinking of that myself, from my understanding the night mother is supposedly the daedric "prince" Mephala. And im assuming it was word of mouth,which is how you found out about it, and alot of people have contact with the DB, low borns, all the way upto the black briars, and on her way to receive the contract, you deal with it, and if you notice, some guards mention about the orphange owner, Grelod the-not-so-kind-after-all, being murdered, "hey, didnt i see you coming out of there after that?" just as a passing by dialouge, or commuication dialouge either way, word of mouth is likely how she gets contracts, and finds out about it, and if astrid really doesnt care for the night mother, which she seems to not, doesn't that mean shes more among the lines of the morag tong ? I know theres extreme differences, and similarites between the two guilds, but why instead of posioning the ways of the DB just join the MT and destroy the DB, or is the MT purely Dunmer ? I never played morrowind unfortanately.

#12871 Favorite things to do when your not questing.

Posted by Death Knight on March 03, 2012 - 01:09 PM

Live a villagers life, eat and sleep at regular times, chop wood, barter, hunt, mine, fish, collect ingredients from the wilds, go exploring, rid the rift of bandits and other undesribles, so on and so forth.

#12870 Favourite Armour

Posted by Death Knight on March 03, 2012 - 01:06 PM

Myself, I prefer the look of steel armour.-Steel Armor (with shoulderplates).-Steel imperial gauntlets (no alligence, just the emblem of the dragon is enjoyable).-Steel shin boots (I like both boots, and even though it's no different stat-wise, i like to think that when i wear heavy armor and can't move as easily, that i'm well protected)-Steel helmet (No horns, i like the idea, but ever since i've been heavy into ancient history, fuedal japan, mainly the victorian age in england, the medieval ages, not many men-at-arms had such atire for the headgear, so i try to keep it realistic, and i just like it more).I always wear enchanted gear, of the best i have wear its dragon scale for light armor, or daedric for heavy. That's only until i get my house however. When i get my house, i organize it totally & completely, and i keep regular villager clothes, a wood axe, simple armor for questing or raiding bandit camps or fortresses and the like for treasure. I spend time in town bartering what i have, buying and selling pelts, alchemy ingrediants, food, drink, etc. I don't fast travel too too often, since just traveling by foot places has found some rather interesting quests, forts areas etc.When im hunting, I usally carry a bow, wearing clothing or light armor, such as hide, studded, or leather, wearing elven, glass or dragonscale just isn't practical. I also like to go "fishing" working at mills for a little coin, and the like, living off of what I can do, the rift is by far my favorite area in skyrim, as well as the house. I always thought that whiterun had the best hunting for herbivores such as deer, elk. sometimes find wolves or sabre cats. I also thought that winterhold/Windhelm was the best area for big game; Snow bears, Snowy sabre cats and other creatures like ice wraiths, and a good area for food and some little coin from horkers. but Riften has evrything, all kinds of alchemy ingrediants, mining, for hunting, theres NUMEROUS wolves, bears, cave bears, elk, deer, goats, rabbits, not too many sabre cats, but a few, and i like the scenery the best.The only thing I don't like about the rift is the cursed black briars and theives guild (since my character is a nord, and i always model my characters after myself.) He fights for all of skyrim, his homeland which is the exact reason he hasn't picked a side in the war, because in the long run it will destroy his beloved home., He's already dispatched of the less than adequate assassins guild, the dark brotherhood. I'm trying to find a way to destroy the wretched black briars and theives, but theres likely no way to do so, only one i could find to kill was dirge, which was fun enough, but not enough damage to the guild to be worth being called a blow to them.So, to answer your question, its thisHeavy armor: Steel, because its classic, strong, sturdy, and dependeble armor for men-at-arms to rely on.Light armor:Leather, but without the helmet, and i enjoy hide/studded armor as well. I enjoy the simple things, which is why i spend a portion of the game as a villager/miner/hunter/fisher/alchemist/explorer etc. Eat every day, sleep at night when I can etc.Clothing: A wide assortment, depending on the occasion, or what im doing.

#12607 Your favorite leader; Ulfric, or Tullius

Posted by Death Knight on February 26, 2012 - 09:12 PM

Well, it could just end up like morrowind, where the argonians overan it. Just something totally unrelated perhaps ? Or maybe it will all result in the empire disolving, as well as the aldmeri dominion, more or less, that each province governs itself. If that were to happen though, i can see a another civil war in High rock, Bretons VS Orcs, that would be a terrible conflict, steel & strength against summoners & priests weilding flame and frost, the classic mage VS warrior debate. Whatever happens, i'm excited to see it, i'd place good money that the summerset isles, the ancient isles so shrouded in myth and historic mystery, will be the final province to be played, and that it will be horrificly superior to anything we could imagine, needless to say i don't expect to see the final game in 10 years, at the least.

#12594 Your favorite leader; Ulfric, or Tullius

Posted by Death Knight on February 26, 2012 - 05:32 PM

First off, I'd like to say my opinion is unbiased, i see the point on both sides.Who's the better leader ?.... hard to say really, whichever side you go with, acts with better military intelligence & doctrine, regardless of your actions. I understand Jarl Ulfrics point about wishing to worship Talos freely, being betrayed in the Markarth Incident, that would anger me as well. Jarl Ulfric didn't murder the high king, he DID challenge High King Tyragg to one on one combat, High King Tyragg didn't stand a chance but accepted and fought to the death, respectable, but foolish. Jarl Ulfric killed him to make his cause known, attract attention and rally a formidable force to his cause. I commend Jarl Ulfric for fighting for what he beleives in, but he's more of a coward than his subjects would like to beleive, also, the stormcloaks are by NO means racists nor bigots. There are a few, but thats just realistic, do any of you think that if they were a "nord-only" society that you could join the rebellion if your an alien to their land? No.. you also have to prove your loyalty (like on both sides) and leave your criminal past behind you (Jarl Ulfric wishes for a lawful, strengthed Skyrim, Honrable yes) and fight with valor in your steel, and truth in your hearts. And another point, if YOU were in Jarl Ulfrics shoes, and you were called a "racist" and beleived that argonians, mer, etc were REALLY spies, would YOU let them reside and open business in your city ? likely not. Personally, I respect both men, but Ulfric is arrogant and selfish, but a damn good military commander, along with Galmar Stone-Fist anyways, Jarl Ulfric consults all he can on the war. I call Jarl Ulfric arrogant, because his rebellion is going to destroy all of Tamriel. How you ask ? Simple, Aldermi domion is the bosmer and high elves, both deadly, high elves especially. During the white-gold concord in which the worship of Talos was banned, the empire handed over half of Hammerfell to the elves. The redguards were NOT happy about that at all, they rebelled, left the empire and when the elves came marching in, the redguards slaughtered them, and sent them home with their tails between their legs. The empire now only has High rock of the bretons and orcs, but high rock is half the size of Skyrim, they have the war ravaged cyrodiil. And if they lose Skyrim to Jarl Ulfric, there Empire, the only force possible of building up against the elves, will be useless, the redgaurds and Nords did the bulk of the fighting in the empires wars. Black marsh invaded morrowind more or less, the argonians are running rampant through the dark elves lands, killing aimlessly. Elyswer, the kajihiit, are undecided. Basically its thisAldmeri Dominion:Summerset Isles/High elves = Distached from the rest of the continent, cutting off foot attacks, like the orcs, the empires remaining Infantry force.High elves= Deadly magic, of all kinds, Cunning, One step ahead, over confident.Valenwood= Large jungled province, south of cyrodiil, neighboor to the kahjiit, cyrodiil is an easy target for the wood elves, with many forests to bunker down in, and many animals to command.Wood Elves= Controls animals, can bend the woods to their will, amazing marksmen that can drop targets from terrifying distances.Empire:Imperials=Well rounded, not much magic, more trade and melee combat than anything.Cyrodiil= Totally War ravagedHigh Rock=Neighboors with hammerfell, which is independent now, meaning the empire lost alot of military prowess. Neighboors With Skyrim, also Cyrodiil, if they try to attack High rock, they must travel through one of the three warrior nations (Cyrodiil would be rebuilt by that time the aldmeri dominion strikes next). So naturally guarded.Orcs=Raw melee killing power, Some magic resistance (according to oblivion) but no connection to attack the summerset isles, unless cyrodiil can dispatch its naval force (which it's been know for) to transport them to the shores of the high elves, but its hard to say if they'd make it that far.Bretons=Conjurers & healers mainly, an amazing asset, nearly doubles what the military is worth, summoning creatures, two per mage, triples the numbers there (keep in mind high rock is a small province, and split between two races) and healing the wounded men-at-arms and Bowmen.Skyrim= If lost, the Empire is easy pickings for the elves. Full of powerful nords, but will be a crumbled Empire, no matter who wins due to Jarl Ulfrics Arrogant but honorable rebellionBlackmarsh/Morrowind= In control of the argonians, they would make incredible allies to ambush the summerset isles, swin through the ocean to the elves shores, enter sewers, open castle gates, don't forget the shadow sclaes... but they aren't answering to anyone.Elyswer= The Kahjiit, Neutral, druglords, but incredible tacticans, and suited to perfectly dispatch all of valenwood, read mixed unit tactics for a brief telling of why.No leader is truly better than one another, Tullius isn't as intelligent as one would think, nor Jarl Ulfric as corageous. The longer the Civil war rages, the stronger the Elves get, and the weaker the empire, and once the empire is gone, nothing will stop the elves."A teacher was having a problem with two of her students, they always bickered and fought with each other, after class one day she showed them a flat stone, she asked them each what colour it was. one said black, the other shouted; No! its WHITE! the teacher then flipped the rock, revealing that it was black on one side, and white upon the other." Never be quick to rule an opinion or option out, always look for the other side of the stone.

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