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Eric the Bard

Eric the Bard

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EricBloodaxe's Awesome Blog! > OMFG I made a blog entry!

Posted 20 April 2013

I used to have the most popular blog, with most views, comments and entries. I still have the most comments and entries, however that damn sloth wizard Traaginen have overtaken me. I'm so angry I called him Traaginen. Well, I'm not really angry. Yes I am. Maybe later.

Anyways; I had a pretty though leg exercise today. I think I'll just sit in this chair...

EricBloodaxe's Awesome Blog! > Skiing

Posted 09 February 2013

My duty as a Norwegian and my nightmares. Maybe not so much my nightmares anymore. I've never really liked skiing. The reason skiing isn't so bad anymore, is because I've learned how to go up-hill and doesn't fall in every down-hill anymore. I did before though. It was pretty horrible. It's kinda odd, because I'm the only one in my family that dislikes it...

EricBloodaxe's Awesome Blog! > An update

Posted 10 October 2012

So, I probably do have Wilson's disease. After having tiny parts of my liver removed and examined and several other tests, they have come to the conlcusion that I might have Wilson's disease. They are doing a test that will tell more certain if I do have it, however it can only confirm that I have it, and can not confirm that I don't have it......

EricBloodaxe's Awesome Blog! > I did make the blog post after all!

Posted 19 July 2012

Big Headline

Not long ago I was in Croatia, on the island Brač. I was staying in a nice little town called Postira. It was very calm and not so focused on tourists, so there wasn't people trying to make you buy crap everywhere. On the other side of...

EricBloodaxe's Awesome Blog! > My 17th of May + Solskjær

Posted 18 May 2012

My 17th of May

16th of May
This year we weren't supposed to have a big party for family and friends, but relax instead. Ofcourse, that did not happen. The 16th of May was a very stressfull day. Everything had to be ready for the 17th, and the new...

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