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Well hello there

October 02, 2011 - 12:57 PM

Hello everyone!
You might've read my application topic but since a lot of people do not I'll just repeat stuff I said there and add some more irrelevant stuff about myself. (That's what these kinds of topics are for aren't they?)

I am Judobreaker. Former Administrator of Legacy of Legends, a clan which was recently closed down.
Some of you older TRR members may know me because I also happen to be a former Council member of TRR itself, which was before LoL was founded.

Who is Judobreaker (the Runescape character):
My account is roughly 8 years old.
I've had a few longer breaks (just like most other long-term players) but besides that I've played most of these years.
I'm not one to play many hours a week though as I have a rather busy schedule so my levels aren't the best.
My account currently has a combat level of 126 and a total level of 1973.

I am a complete quest addict (I usually do every new quest within a few days and I do not use guides) so naturally I am the owner of the Quest Cape.
I do not own any 99 capes at all so far (I'm not one to grind levels) although I'm sloooowly getting closer to maxing my combat levels.
My second addiction is Slayer. If there are no quests to be done I'm usually out slaying some monster.
My Slayer level is 90 at the moment.

Who is Judobreaker (in Real Lifeâ„¢):
My real name is Reinier van Antwerpen (don't try to pronounce it if you do not speak Dutch or German because you'll probably do it wrong).
Just like Huygens I am from Holland.
No, I have never smoked marihuana.

I am 23 years old and employed as a precision mechanics engineer at a hospital specialized in treating cancer patients.
Basically what I do is design, create and/or repair the tools and machines the doctors use to treat the patients.
Besides my job I am really into singing.
I currently sing in 2 gospel/soul choirs which perform throughout the whole country and have singing lessons every other week.
Other hobbies are photography (favorite being macro photography) and photoshop.
I used to design a lot of websites too but lately I haven't been doing that a lot.
I'm very capable with the programming language php, I'm also pretty handy with (X)HTML and MySOL, and I have some experience with JavaScript.
My coolest website job is a temporary administration system I built for our national air travelling company (KLM).

I think that's probably the most notable things I have to tell about myself...
Oh right, if you'd like to look at my photography you can check out my blog at RvAntwerpen.com.

I hope to see you all in game sometime. ^^

Accepted: Judobreaker is back

October 02, 2011 - 11:58 AM

Hey guys.
Some of you may know me, others may not... I am Judobreaker. Former administrator of Legacy of Legends, a clan which has recently been shut down and was on good terms with TRR.
Besides that I am also a former council member of TRR, which was in the time before LoL was founded.
This is why older members will probably remember me.
If you do not anymore: I have some cool TRR signatures I made to remind you. I'll dig them up sometime soon for you guys.

Anyways, as LoL has been closed down I thought I'd get back to the first clan I've ever joined.
So, without further ado, here's my application:

What is your primary RuneScape account's name?

Your account's combat and total/overall level?
Combat: 126
Total: 1973

Have you ever been in a clan before? If so, which one(s)?
Yes, I have been Council member of TRR and Council member/Administrator of LoL.

Where did you hear about TRR?
This was the first clan I ever joined.
I've known you guys for quite a while now.

What were your first impressions of us?
Quite frankly I don't really know anymore as it's been so long ago, but I do know they were very positive.

Why do you wish to join our clan?
Because LoL has been closed down I wish to join another clan.
I very much prefer community clans like TRR and I know a lot of people here as I have been TRR member before.

Well, that should do I think.

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