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#10126 Which D&D are worthy of doing?

Posted by Judobreaker on December 01, 2011 - 05:22 AM

Balthazar's circus: I already have all the items, but I still do this a lot because it is really good exp.
Penguin Hide and Seek: Easy exp. :D
Champion's Challenge: These are so rare you're a frickin' idiot not doing them if you get one. :)
Evil tree: Pretty good exp, although I'm usually too lazy to go search for them. I do them if I stumble upon one.
Shattered heart: I've yet to finish that statue the first time.
Tears of Guthix: Good exp in your lowest skill, I like this because my lowest skills are usually the ones I dislike most. Also like said before: More qp == more time. I have the cape so a lot of exp for me.
Shooting star: Same as the evil tree.
Phoenix lair: I don't do this a lot as I'm usually a little too lazy for this but it's ok to do. Not a lot of exp but I still want that second phoenix pet. B)
Fish flingers: Never tried.
Court cases: Never tried.
Effigies: Exp. It's not like you have to do a lot for them.
Troll invasion: Never tried.
Familiarisation: Never tried.
Treasure trails: Monies! I do all hard/elite clues I get. I leave all easy/medium clues, too much work for too little reward.

#10079 CLAN DEAD?

Posted by Judobreaker on November 30, 2011 - 02:37 AM

You know, judging by the amount of topics exactly like this one created in the last few weeks and the average amount of replies they got I'd say the clan is far from dead. :P

#9639 Changes

Posted by Judobreaker on November 16, 2011 - 04:43 PM

I think mandatory forum use is probably a better idea.A lot of people here aren't waiting for mandatory events (as you can see from the replies), what they are looking for is a friendly community.For that you need active posting/chatting members.Therefore I'd say a minimum amount of posts should increase at least forum activity which should involve people more with each other.More active community members may in due time result in better planned and better attended events because groups get closer to each other.

#8945 Can the Bots be Revived

Posted by Judobreaker on October 31, 2011 - 07:00 AM

They cannot win this lawsuit with these demands.You can only sign up for RS if you agree with their rules. If you do not hold those rules they are in their full right to take action against you by banning you from their service.Demanding RS to allow bots is utter bullshit and an impossible fight.

#8655 Can the Bots be Revived

Posted by Judobreaker on October 26, 2011 - 02:05 AM

If Apple releases a new version of OSX and Adobe Photoshop doesn't work on that do you expect Adobe to say:"Yeah, it broke Photoshop. Shit happens, we ain't gonna do shit about it."Of course not, they'll tell you they'll get it running asap even if they know it's going to take them weeks.

#8614 Bot-Busting and Bonuses For All

Posted by Judobreaker on October 25, 2011 - 11:27 AM

Kalphite task + Dwarven cannon + 3x Slayer exp = 50k Slayer exp in 30 minutes.Damn I like this Nuke Day. ;)

#8550 Jagex comes third in Golden Joysticks Awards.

Posted by Judobreaker on October 24, 2011 - 06:23 AM

so long as they continue to ignore the thoughts and opinions of the people playing the game.

Bullshit.They do not ignore the thoughts and opinions of the people playing the game.They're still trying to think up systems to battle bots, whether they work or not.They continue to do those smaller updates and fixes on player requests such as chat changes, make-x's, small gameplay edits and more stuff like that.Hell, they almost killed the whole freaking game because every dumb player in the whole of RuneScape just had to have free trade back (probably the most stupid decision they made in my opinion, no offense to everyone who voted in favour of this but I simply strongly disagreed with this and still to).Saying they don't listen to the people playing the game is just mean, it's extremely hard to both listen to the players while making sure the game runs properly.

#8250 What is with these <15 war turn-outs?

Posted by Judobreaker on October 17, 2011 - 01:46 PM

This has, as far as I know, always been mainly a community clan.This means that a large portion of the members are NOT the ones that would love to attend events every other day.A lot of the members mainly join because they are looking for a friendly community to chat with while they are gaming, any events they do is just occasional fun.I agree that it would be nice if events are well visited, however I very much disagree on making people attend events during a trial period.This clan has in the past always advertised saying nothing here is obligatory except a nice personality.Either you keep this attitude or you become a different clan.As for me, I would not last long in a clan where you are obliged to attend events which is why I found and joined TRR years ago anyway.

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