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#2561 Mithos Introduction

Posted by Mithos on July 30, 2011 - 03:52 PM

Hello everybody my name is Mithos or Joe (irl). I was in the clan that was the precursor to TRR back in the day and joined TRR at one point a long time ago aswell.A little about myself. I enjoy the occasional round of Pac Man at my local arcade and spend most of my time grubbing quarters off of my mother so I can spend a few hours down there. My favorite would have to be Mrs Pacman due to her magnificent female form. I also play Call of Duty sometimes but I'm not very good so I just run around trying to get a spy plane kill streak. I have been playing Runescape for many many years and it has contributed to my lack of social activity as well as general unwellbeing however I have put it in check this year and turned my life around in a positive way. I throw shot put in school on the track team and lift regularly and don't mind an envigorating jog every now and then. I like all types of music from emo rock to stoner rock to "gangster" rap and many types of techno. I am well learned in many areas academically sporting an impressive 3.6 GPA which I maintain with much disdain to the class of "Spanish". As I don't know who the hell needs to learn spanish anyways just speak American please. I like to watch youtube videos my favorite people are the machinma respawn crew (SEANANNERS), Jon Lajoie, Kassemg, Phillip Defranco, OnlyuseMEblade, Seannaners again, and a few others which I can't remember at the moment. EPIC MEAL TIME. My favorite food is chick fil a and I could probably eat a spicy chicken sandwhich with medium fries and water every meal for the rest of my life. I also enjoy indulging myself in a wildberry poptart whenever I can find them, which is usually at the ghetto walmart near my river house. I am a 16 year old living in Virginia in the UNITED states of Ameirca and I can not tell you how much this state sucks. I would like to rate myself around a 7/10 on physical attractiveness although I am not as they say "getting the bitches" on a daily basis. I hope this has shed some light into your dreary worlds as members of the TRR community and clan and can help provide a better understanding of me as a person and an internet diety.Also I have 2414 total levels on RuneScape and I play it a bunch.I'm just a regular everday normal mothafucka. - Jon Lajoie.

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