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Does anyone actually use Illusion or Alteration?

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Two schools that I've NEVER bothered with, even though my characters are generally magic users. Does anyone bother with them? I'm specifically interested in if anyone actually uses alteration for the wards/mage defense that Bethesda tried to push.


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Chris Star

Chris Star

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I use illusion for invisibility that's pretty much it. Alteration as far as the wards go the only time I've ever used them is when the soul gems shoot fire at you and the ward worked pretty good other that that I am not really impressed with wards I would never use them against and enemy in combat! Also I did the alteration ritual and you get a pretty cool spell dragon skin that makes u immune to all physical combat for like 30 sec



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Wards are from the Restoration school. :) I don't use them that often, but I may give it a shot on my current character.For Alteration, I've been raising that just for the perks, namely magic resistance and atronarch. No special reason, just for fun I guess. I may end up pusing Paralysis and Dragon Skin, which blocks 80% of all physical damage.Illusion, not so much. I'll probably just zero magick Illusion and cast Muffle repeatedly for 100, but I don't plan to actually use Illusion. Assuming I don't level much past 50, I'll have some perks left over after I buy everything I really need, so maybe I'll invest some in Illusion and get Call to Arms and Harmony.

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