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Your Favorite Divine and Deadric Lord

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Omega Dragon Warlord

Omega Dragon Warlord

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I'd have to go with Dibella & Hircine.


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Talos and Nocturnal would be mine, because talos is awesome and Nocturnal is just so...hot. Lol XD



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awesome and Nocturnal is just so...hot. Lol XD

I see your signature tells the truth.I have to agree, though as a general rule, you don't dip in Daedric.



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Lol yea she's just my type man XD

Unknown ProbLem

Unknown ProbLem

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well Nocturnal does have that hotness factor, but Blex does have a point. also, most daedra do happen to have rather large back lashes when dealing with them or "dipping in Daedric" as Blexun put it. To receive your rather awesome looking pack of Nightengale armor, you must basically swear your soul to her in eternal debt for whatever she grants you (aka a succubus or feminine devil), ol' man Clavicus will strike a deal, but normally it's rather sick and twisted. and so on, So while Nocturnal may have the lowest cut dress/robe i've ever seen, I'd rather not deal with it, because dipping in daedric may lead to nasty consequences.

my vote would probably be Mara for Divine and one of these for daedra, well basically I like them all, for different reasons and here's a little bit why:

Molag Bal: apparently back in the day, he used to beat people, or have people beat people with a giant super spikey mace, and enjoys the suffering of people... with his mace, so his thoughts are interesting and somewhat amusing.

Sanguine: Party? why not, a million never ending parties... at once? hell yeah! that is basically Sanguine's parties. lol

Meridia: a lesser favorite, but i guess generally and more personality, I like somebody who acts like she does... despite it coming off rather dominant and arrogant.

Azura: Controls the sun and moon? pretty cool, but she seems more.. earthly over all the daedra and isn't arrogant or anything just calmly speaks to you.

Sheogorath: because he is random and hilarious, and old memories of traveling Shivering Isles were absolutely hysterical.

Mehrunes Dagon: I like him, becasue he's borderline insane, and merciless. also basically like Blex said, he has determination to revolutionize something that probably won't happen, and will try again and again for centuries to come.

Hircine: guess I lied a bit, I don't really care for Hircine, he helps hunters, woo.. I can hunt perfectly fine on my own in Skyrim without his help. even his artifact is rather lame. but, his method of communication is hilarious.

Hermaeus Mora: He is the knower of the unknown and seer of the unseen, that just sounds badass and intriguing, also he is awesome because his "mortal" form is a giant tentacle blob thing (yay for Oblivion for the image)

Peryite: pretty awesome, If i remember correctly, he is also a dragon which is even cooler, and his methods for doing things are plagues xD who doesn't love plagues?

Vaermina: she is interesting, her followers make magical and crazy potions, including one that will bring you to the past in the form of somebody else and magically teleport. cool things like that along with the magic dust stuff that endlessly puts things to sleep.

Nocturnal: not only has the attractive factor, but technically has two artifacts. one being the Ebony Blade, which is a cool life sucking ebony dai-katana, but she also has Nightengale armor, which is received by giving up your soul for a request from her and her luck changing influence.

Malacath: um, well he was one of my better liked because he was a crazy and ruthless Orcish daedra (which seems a little odd...) but after playing dawnguard and becoming attached to serana and finding out about the "Daughter of calhabour" i lost a lot of interest because basically it seemed like there was some crazy rape ritual for eternal vampiric life.

Namira: cunning yet disturbing... not much else to say about a cannibal. she's also pretty persuasive.

Boethia: she/he is pretty badass, they are both genders and have names as both, also is pretty much the God of war in Tamriel and her shrine has people endlessly fighting, I also thought the quest was a ton of fun. (Also watching my follower die was amusing)

Clavicus Vile: bromance with a dog, who seems a little depressive without him due to the weird want to murder him and such, i like him more than a lot of the others due to how he goes about things. he'll make a deal, but not without having a lot of fun in the mean time. like at the end of the quest he tells you about how he "helped" somebody with their problem, this problem being somebody sick in the family and he gave the guy an axe as a solution xD

These are some general ideas to why I like most of the daedra, but my favorite is probably Clavicus, Nocturnal or Hermaeus Mora.



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I know Sithis isn't a daedroth, but he's probably my favourite spirit. My favourite daedroth is either Meridia or Boethiah, Meridia because Dawnbreaker is awesome, Boethiah because she is the matron of the Morag Tong. Azura is awesome because she is a human-friendly daedroth as well as the joint matron of the Dunmer with Boethiah.My favourite Divine is either Arkay or Julianos. Arkay, because he is the keeper of the dead, and Julianos, as he is the patron of wizards.

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