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Found 1 result

  1. Prenote: This is my first build in a long time, so no hating, ha. it may not be as detailed as some of the others, but this is layout is straight-forward and to the point. I hope any that do use it can give me a hand with what to tweak. (sorry in advance for the table spacing issues giving the guide an odd look) Level 60 Orthodox Mage: Requirements: [table] [th]Build Number[/th] [th]Stat 1[/th] [th]Stat 2[/th] [th]Stat 3[/th] [th]Stat 4[/th] [th]Stat 5[/th] [th]Stat 6[/th][th]Stat 7[/th] [/table] Personal Notes: This somewhat odd build will maximize your ranged ability, along with the use of higher damaging spells, things should easily go your way. possibly meant to be played on Legendary but would require play testing. Why would i make a double ranged build you ask? Well simple. Magic, although useful can be somewhat weak unless you have a stupid amount of magicka, and even with it reduced to 0% casting, it's still not super powerful. you can easily use Archery to be stealthy from a far and deal sneak damage. it's like a spell blade but with bows. For your weapon though, I highly suggest against paralyze because of the level 100 perk. it's saved me innumerable amounts of times. stick to an elemental damage, or go with something like (Fiery) Soul Trap or even just a simple absorb. You could favorite two bows, the first with Elemental and lets say for example absorb health, pretty basic. your other bow could be absorb magicka for casters along with shock to really just put them in their place. [table] [th]Enchants:[/th] [th]Option 1[/th] [th]Option 2[/th] [/table] Perk Distribution: Link to the necessary perks: http://skyrimcalculator.com/#305259Health/Magicka/Stamina Distribution: [table] [th]Value[/th] [th]Health[/th] [th]Stamina[/th] [th]Magicka[/th] [/table]
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