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Found 3 results

  1. Following the main Dark Brotherhood quests, there's an optional series of secondary assassination contracts given to you by Nazir and the Night Mother. The Night Mother has an unlimited amount of contracts. Fortunately, these are generated by Skyrim's radiant quest system; the NPC you are sent to kill is always generated when the quest begins. You don't have to worry about killing anyone important, so use these quests to brush up on your sneak skills. Nazir is a different story. He has a limited number of quests, all of which involve unique characters. These targets are fixed, so if you're told to assassinate an NPC you've grown fond of... Well, that's too bad. Since you're about to permanently assassinate characters that have roles outside of Nazir's quests, you should make sure you complete everything that each target offers before accepting the contract. Just what are these character-specific tasks, you ask? That's what the upcoming list is all about! I will provide a description of each target and the purpose they serve in the game. With this guide, you can be sure you won't be missing out on any content. Beitild Description Once working alongside her husband, the pair separated and Beiteild now runs a rival mine. She works very hard to ensure that she makes more profit than her ex-husband. She constantly threatens to fire her miners unless they work harder; oddly enough this gives them even less enthusiasm. Purpose If you have any iron ore, whether acquired beforehand or from the mine, Beitild will pay you for it. Narfi Description A beggar who has descended into madness. His sister has been missing for a year. Although he maintains hope that she will return, everyone believes her to be dead. Purpose Narfi is the main NPC in the quest 'The Straw that Broke.' It's quite short and can be completed in a few minutes. As you may have guessed, it involves confirming the fate of the missing sister. Ennodius Papius Description He lives in a camp near Anga's Mill. While he was once the owner, he quit and spiraled into paranoia and insanity. Purpose Just Nazir's quest. Ennodius doesn't even spawn until you accept the contract. Lurbuk Description He has a reputation of being the worst bard in all of Tamriel. So many people wanted him dead tat the Brotherhood had to have a drawing to see which contract would be honored. Purpose You can ask Lurbuk to perform, and he will sing a song he wrote himself. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces ever written. Hern Description Hern is a vampire living at Half-Moon Mill with his wife, Hert. Judging by the bloody meat and rags in a shack at the mill, Hern and Hert have been killing a lot of humans and animals to feed on. Purpose Like Ennodius, he doesn't spawn until this quest. However, if you attack him outright, his wife will join him. His wife buys firewood and overall doesn't need to be killed, so if you don't want to kill anyone unless necessary, snipe Hern with a bow while leaving Hert alive. Deekus Description Deekus is a scavenger living by himself. That's his entire back-story. Exciting, I know. Purpose He lives in a camp with a bunch of loot. This respawns even if he's dead, so feel free to fulfill this contract without any wear on your conscience. Ma'randru-jo Description A Khajiit mage travelling with Ri-saad, a trader, and several other Khajiit. Purpose Ri-saad is an extremely useful merchant; one of the only ones to regularly sell Moon Sugar. However, Ma'randru-jo doesn't sell anything. It would be a good idea to snipe him, though, as the other Khajiit (including Ri-saad) will become hostile if they see you kill him. Anoriath Description Although he owns The Drunken Huntsman with his brother, he prefers tending to his meat stall in Whiterun's town square. He's an easy character to like, making his assassination a sad moment indeed. Purpose As stated before, he owns a meat stall in Whiterun's town square. He's also a possible target in the Companions quest Hired Muscle. However, since this is a radiant quest, another target will simply be chosen if Anoriath is dead on the off chance he was selected/ Agnis Description Agnis is an old woman who tends to Fort Greymoor. She doesn't care who currently runs the fort, and goes as far as considering herself part of the structure. Purpose You can speak to her, and she talks about her life. Besides this, she doesn't do anything else. Unlike Ennodius and Hern, however, she exists even before the quest is given out. Maluril Ferano Description A mage living with bandits in Mzinchaleft. However, unlike the bandits, he is not hostile. Purpose His journal reveals his back-story, but he otherwise serves no purpose. Helvard Description The housecarl and adviser of Jarl Siddgeir in Falkreath. Purpose He, along with Nenya, can sell you a plot of land if you have Hearthfire. If you kill him, Nenya and the Jarl will dislike you, making it impossible to buy a house in Falkreath. Therefore, if you have Hearthfire, it is advisable to only kill him after you buy the land. Safia Description She is found inside the ship Red Wave, stationed in the docks outside of Solitude. Purpose No purpose other than Nazir's contract. She is unique in the fact that she will know you are an assassin when you speak to her. This will turn her hostile. And that's all the contracts Nazir offers. Know the role your target plays in the world, complete their purpose before taking the contract... And then fulfill their final destiny. Thanks reading!
  2. That's one thing I didn't really understand during the quest. The game has you believe that the DB is still receiving contracts via the black sacrament, even though they have no communication with the Night Mother (which is necessary). Many people assume that they're just talking contracts by word of mouth like the Thieves Guild, and thus skip the communication via the Night Mother. However, how does that explain Astrid's knowledge of the sacrament performed by the boy in the first quest? How does she know that you accept the quest in their place?
  3. Quick thoughts on the Dark Brotherhood questline, now that I've finally officially completed it. Characters... [*]Cicero is the best (uh...most memorable) TES character since... Well, ever. Maybe the adoring fan (who he posed as to kill the "Grand Champion" as stated in his journals). [*]Babette was also quite good too, I was pleased that she survived the whole sanctuary onslaught thing. I feel like a lot of background/development could have been added to her character, though. [*]Didn't know Gabrielle existed was until I found her body when I was looking for survivors. [*]The whole "we're a faaaaamily" thing was creepy and dysfunctional; I thought it was well-done. Specifically how the first time you meet everyone they're standing around and laughing about their murder stories. Story... [*]I had a sad when I was forced to kill the woman at her wedding. Then I was more sad as her husband bent over and cried after. Then I was even more sad when I accidently killed him in the ensuing struggle. And the rest of his family. Then the woman's mom was wailing about how horrible everything was. [*]On that note, do any of you still like Muiri?! That is one sadistic bitch. I don't know if any of you saw this extra post-quest thing, but after you kill the second Shatter-Shield sister the mom committs suicide and leaves a super despressing note by her body. [*]The whole, "Amagawd, you killed a double!!1" thing was really cliche but it still caught me off guard. Before that I felt as if I had gotten off too easy; that made up for it. [*]Seeing (and then having to kill) Astrid's horribly burned (yet living) corpse was pretty shocking, and it really helped out what I originally thought was one of the weaker Dark Brotherhood installements in the grotesque department. [*]The final confrontation with the Emperor was really surprising to me; I figured I'd have to do something lame like kill him in his sleep. The way he went about it really made me question why, exactly, I was even doing any of this in the first place. [*]Side Note: Being able to thrall the Emperor and run around with him in matching robes is the shit. Other... [*]Loved the eerie music alongside the pounding bass when you stand next to every sanctuary entrance. I have a good surround sound system and it really creeped the hell out of me. [*]Shadowmere is looks 10x better in this game. His eyes actually glow, and he's not some odd shade of blue/black with pink circles for eyes. [*]It was awkward spooning with the Night Mother in her coffin. [*]Lucien Lachance's appearance was great, and you get quite a few easter eggs through his comments by having him around during the quest line. Overall, the DB quests beat out the Thieves Guild in my opinion. I don't know why most people thing the Thieves Guild was the best quest line.
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