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the soulless ones

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the soulless ones is a group of strangers united for a common purpose: To have some pretty awesome virtual fun. Our faction may not be the best, but we like it. Sometimes we die, and sometimes we die a lot, but it is no biggie, We are sort of a combination of family and Strangers. We see each other when we can, but we really don’t know too much about each other and we like it that way. We come from a wide cross-section of backgrounds and our ages range from  teens to middle aged old farts. At least I think we do. There are people of both sexes and I am guessing various sexual preferences, but that doesn’t matter. WE DON’T CARE! What we do care about is having a whole hell of a lot of fun killing, being killed and then killing some more. We aren’t bloodthirsty butchers, we are just burning off some of the aggression that builds on a daily basis (actually some of us might be bloodthirsty butchers, but like I said, WE DON’T CARE) We aren’t here to change the world: Let George Clooney do that. We are just minding our own business, sitting in our homes, our dorms, our libraries, our cars in the parking lots of hotels that offer free wireless access, and our parents basements and playing a game. An AWESOME game   :woot:  


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Founded: 17-February 14

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