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Guild Charter:
Motto: We are an unbreakable force that is stronger than ever!
All of our enemy's shall bend to their knees and ask for mercy!
But we will not give them mercy! We will deal them death!
Guild Leader: Spazzy (Aka Daedaleus Boeraith)
Alliance Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Guild Focuses: PvE, Progression Raiding, Cyrodiil PvP, Crafting, and Light Roleplay (optional)
Playstyle: Casual to Moderate
Primary Location: North America – Global
Language: English
Platform: PC & Mac
VOIP: Teamspeak    (You do not need a microphone, but it is highly recommended.)
Recruitment: Open; applications required
Blazeheart is a guild that likes to enjoy the game with everyone but also makes sure we are serious about it playing it. We have experienced and non experienced MMO players. Our guild will accept anyone that is respectful and can abide to our guild rules! We plan to cover every aspect of the game including all end game content!
Blazeheart is NOT a family friendly guild. We accept only mature players that can respect our members, just because we allow foul language does not mean you may use it against others.
The Focus:
Our main focus for the guild is to have fun. We want all of our brothers and sisters to feel equal, so that everyone may have a good time. The commitment our members make to ensure our community stays strong and together is something you will rarely see. It is guaranteed you will make some awesome friends in blazeheart!
What We Seek:
Blazeheart wants members that are as committed to the community as they should to school work in school. We only want members that can keep up and stay active with us, whether that may be posting in our forums, talking on Teamspeak, playing TESO or any games for that matter. We want to make sure you will be as committed to the community as we are.
~Social Events~ Guild takes a day or couples of hours to talk with each other get to know each other better, this may happen in game or just while your browsing the web as long as your involved with the event! (NOT A MANDATORY EVENT)
~Guild Essentials Event~ This event will most likely consist of at least 2 hours of guild gathering whether it be gold, farming items from dungeons or just helping others catch up with levels or skills it’s all about helping the guild out! We will be using a 60~40 method, 60% given to the guild (Guild bank, Guild members, Guilds chests) the other 40% of what you have collected you keep.
~Raids , Quests, Adventure~ These events will be planned depending on when the most amount of players can be present. Raiding will be planned by a special ranked player which we will given to someone closer to launch. Quests and Adventure events are mainly as there are read, Questing together in squads or groups, as Adventuring may be just exploring the map or finding new bases and locations to take control of.
  • You must be 16 years or older to join.
  • You must make a Ebonheart Pact character.
  • An application is required to join.
  • Activity to the forums and website is required to maintain membership.
  • Understand that Blazeheart prioritizes the Community and overall health of the Guild over all else.
  • To join please visit the Blazeheart website.
  • Please click the link at the top marked “Recruitment“.
  • Read and follow the guidelines of the application.
  • Fill the application in as best as possible. Please fill in all areas that apply to you.
  • Be sure to fully read and understand all the rules and policies of the guild.
  • Once submitted your application will be put up for review. Expect a reply within a 24 hour period.
  • If the application is accepted you will be given the rank of member. To progress in ranks you must show activity and dedication to the guild.


Owner: Daedaleus

Founded: 21-January 14

Members: 1

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