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The Bromlokiir

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About The Bromlokiir



The Bromlokiir, meaning the Children of the Norhern Sky in the ancient Dragon language, is a nordic clan that consists of enthusiastic warriors. The clan members can trace their history back all the way to Thorin of Altmora who travelled and fought alongside Ysgramor and his sons. The Bromlokiir values honor, strength, bravery and noble deeds!

We rever to the godess of the sky and the warrior, the mother of men, Kyne! We also uphold the belief of Shor, the god of the dead that inhabits the Hall of Valor in Sovngarde, the god of all Nords, the Childrens god. The Nordic gods are our gods, we do not worship the Eight Divines or the Daedra! We are true Nords!


Our clan name strikes fear in the heart of our enemies! We posses the strength, tenacity and toughness of the Bear, who can return from the brink of destruction, the symbol of our clan! We posses the agility of the Hawk, the fierceness of the sabre cat and the dominance in battle of the dragon. We fight as wolves, in a pact, together, as one. We have the blood of the north, no one can best the Bromlokiir!


You will learn to fear us, everytime you hear the name of the Children of the Sky, your blood will chill and you shall shudder in fear, as if the ice cold wind of Skyrim itself cuts through your clothes on a cold Frost-Fall Night.


And when you hear the sound of our battle-cry with our warhorns bellowing amongst them, you shall know what to do: Run.


But alas, it would be too late to run...


1. Bormah - Clan leader 
2. Vahlok - Clan leaders protector
3. Onikmun - Clan elder
4. Zeymah/Briinah - Clan brother/sister
- The Clans words are "Voth Ahkrin" which means: "Fight with courage"


Requirements to join:

1. You must strive to be in character atleast 95% of the time.

2. You must have atleast have a rough layout of your characters background story.

3. The story that you create for your character must not be lore-breaking.

4. You must have a "lore-logical" name, which means no "Pwn_Swag69" or ''TalosKing"

5. You must have a decent base of knowledge of the Elder Scrolls lore.

6. You must have a firm grasp on the English language.

7. No meta-gaming! (= No god modding)

8. You have to be mature, age does not matter, maturity does.

9. Your character MUST be a NORD!
For the clan lore and the main headquarters of the Bromlokiir visit: http://www.tesof.com...-the-bromlokiir

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The Bromlokiir is a nordic clan that consists of enthusiastic warriors. We are a RP-Guild that only accepts Nords.


Owner: Beor of Skyrim

Founded: 17-March 13

Members: 7

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