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Reasons for Making it: For too long we let Molag Bal's seeds of corruption plague Tamriel. For too long has this faction war kept us seperated. For too long has the land we live in be stained by blood. It is about time we have done something!


Goals: Our guild is cross-faction, so we wish to unite Tamriel. Capture three cities in Cyrodiil, one for each of the factions. To save innocent people from dying because of this war. To end Molag Bal's evil schemes.


Recruitment and General Information: To join you just contact me and I will direct you to our guild site. http://www.esosilverlights.weebly.com

We are a casual style guild, but we still go out there to seek challenges wherever they are. As said before, we are a cross-faction guild so we don't believe in racisism. We focus on RP, PVP, PVE, and Crafting/Enchanting. Our site has a forum on it so communication is easy.




                                                                                         Co-Guild Masters

                                                                                           Three Generals

                                                                                          Eternal Champion (Awarded Only)

                                                                                          Three Lieutenants

                                                                                          Three Sergeants



                                                                                            Basic Members


Owner: lukemath99

Founded: 24-November 13

Members: 1

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