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High Council of Aldmeris

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The Emperor of Aldmeris is a powerful Aldmer and one of the greastest of the Aedra. He seeks not power, nor wealth, but rarther peace and tranquility for all races. He believes that men are not worthy of power. He does not hate them, nor dislike them but knows that they are short lived, and like children they are driven by emotion. They lack the wisdom that comes with age.


He must be respected along with all other Council members.


The original Council was set up in Aldmeris, were it flourished. They observed every inhabitant of Aldmeris and when one showed a skill, be they a businessman or beggar, carpenter or cook, loremaster or librarian, they were recruited. Those in the Council then trained and perfected that skill.They then worked for the survival and betterment of Elvenkind.  When Aldmeris fell, and the Emperor was lost, the Council, having failed its mission was disbanded . Now that the Emperor has returned, he feels there is a need for it to be reinstated.


Guild Descriptions


We are a guild of All who welcome any race and all types people. We desire to help and guide all of the Tamrielic races especially Elves to create a land of peace, plenty and happiness. To achieve this, we must first help our Queen accomplish her goals so that the rule of Elven kind can usher in a better world that will help us to accomplish our goals. To this end, we will engage in battles within our borders with all who oppose us (PvE) and and those in Cyrodiil (PvP) to claim the throne, as well as save Tamriel from the evil of Molag Bal and the evil within us all.



THE COUNCIL HOMEPAGE: http://highcouncil.guildlaunch.com



What makes us the High Council of Aldmeris



-We each play our own way, thus welcoming all members.

-We will be helping all new members and be accepting anyone.

-We focus on an engaging community where we share experiences, tips and knowledge with each other

-Will have raid events, Cyrodiil wars, Obtaining keeps and get togethers to help improve weapons/armor, enchanting or creating potions.

-Specialized ranks for guild members

-A hierarchy to control and maintain order

- Branches for specialized gaming areas



Laws of the Council



1. Thou will respect the Council and all who side with it

2. Thee shall not give away Council secrets

3. One must help fellow members

4. You shall obey your superiors

5. You must have fun!


Break these rules repeatedly and your Punishment shall be decided.









Owner: marsknight2

Founded: 07-August 13

Members: 2

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