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The Ebon Raiders (PS4)

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We are the Ebon Raiders and in the name of the Ebonheart Pact, We ride. The Ebon Raiders is a guild for people interested in a PvP experience in ESO. Our guild is for people dedicated to the cause of conquering Cyrodiil in the Ebonheart Name. We are looking for serious players that are interested in strategic planning and PvP raiding and are spearheading the PvP aspects of ESO. Those interested in joining may visit our website and fill out an application within the recruitment page.

Guild Compendium: The Ebon Raiders

Lorekeeper's Oath

I, Dabbarexe, hereby swear upon my honour to remain loyal as Keeper of the Lore; and to always record events truthfully without exaggeration; and to always protect the history and integrity of the Ebon Raiders, so long as I draw breath.

Chapter I - Founding of 'The Ebon Raiders', Entry by Dabbarexe, Defender and Lorekeeper of the Ebon Raiders, Last Seed 2E 583

Let it be henceforth known that on the 3rd of Frostfall, 2E 583, the guild known as 'The Ebon Raiders' was formed under direct orders from the Skald-King Jorunn of the Ebonheart Pact.

The guild itself was ordered made, by all official recounts, to strengthen ties between the races of the Ebonheart Pact. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the 'The Ebon Raiders' discriminate only by skill and not by race or that their units often boast an equal amount of Dunmer, Saxhleel and Men of the North. They are a congregation of the finest and fiercest sell-swords and mercenaries the lands of the Pact have to offer, bound all under one prospect: control of Cyrodil, and the power that it brings. This is - as it stands on the 15th of Frostfall, 2E 583 - their primary objective and the promise they were given.

The Promise

Let it be recorded and ne'er forgotten that upon the founding of 'The Ebon Raiders', Jorunn, Skald-King of the Ebon Heart Pact, awarded control of Cyrodil to 'Silver-Strider' and 'Volonith Dread', Guild Masters of 'The Ebon Raiders' if ever they were to take it or be instrumental in its fall. Should, for whatever reason, 'The Ebon Raiders' be denied this right by a third party then the Raiders reserve the right to forcefully claim their reward.

Chapter II - 'The Ebon Raiders' Military unit, Entry by Silver-Strider, Co-founder and Guild Master and narrated by Dabbarexe, Defender and Lorekeeper of the Ebon Raiders, Last Seed 2E 583

To ensure the guild's military strength each member within the Ebon Raiders is asked to join a unit in its military that interests them the most. Whilst this is not required to join the Ebon Raiders it may make certain aspects of the guild locked off to you, such as battlefield tactics. Unit progression is to be determined by the Unit Captains and Guild Administrators and is based on commitment to the guild; A new system will be established once war is formally waged.

Ranks determine each member's position within the Guild. This includes authority and privileges exclusive to their corresponding ranks. It is taken as self evident that those of a higher ranking will command the respect their position entails without need of re-affirming thus.

Military Creed, 'The laws of the Raider'

The Guild is built upon a foundation of loyalty and respect that every member, irrespective of rank, must uphold at all times. Dedication and successes will be met with appropriate awards and, equally so, misconduct and treachery will be dealt with accordingly. The punishments, as declared by Silver-Strider, Guild Master of 'The Ebon Raiders:

Misconducts and Punishments

"Though shalt not disrespect the brother nor the sister who stands at your side. To do so is to go against the Guild and it's laws, and surely to face the punishment that follows."

As per the laws of the 'Ebon Raiders' breaking of the first creed of the Raiders will result in one of three punishments: a warning may be dispatched for a minor offence or first offence; demotion follows he that fails to heed the warning that preceded their second wrong-doing and, finally, expulsion is the fate that befalls those who mock the Guild's creed by committing a third act of misconduct.

"And unto those who betray the trust of their brethren by committing mutiny, physical or otherwise, there awaits immediate banishment, from which their is no return."

According to the laws of the 'Ebon Raiders' those suspected of Mutinity, whether it be physical abandonment of a mission or sowing verbal seeds of discontent, are to be immediately cast out from the Guild. Worst of all are those who would do even lowlier a deed than stabbing an ally in the back, by forfeiting Guild information to rivals. The Raiders do not prohibit contact with other Guilds, Pact or otherwise, but any wind of the inner-workings of the Guild being leaked shall not be tolerated.

"Indeed none is truly above a fellow brother, let leader and soldier remember this well: For those that forget this truth, there can be no sympathy spared."

The misuse of authority that is gained through title acquired is seen as treacherous by the law of the Raiders. Those suspected of such crimes will face immediate demotion, they will face their wronged brothers on equal grounds henceforth. It should ne'er be a question of whether to remain silent on such matters or not; if a witness to this crime, report immediately to a Commander.

Standard Field Tactics

"It is oft the case that entire armies of lions, each aware of their own ferocity, crumble in the face of an army of Sheep, working all in perfect unison. We shall ne'er be short of lions, of this I am sure, but they must learn their place in the Raiders, so that they might crush all those who would stand before them." - Thorald Stoneguard, First General of the 'Ebon Raider' army, deceased.

To ensure this remains true all those who join the 'Ebon Raiders' must learn as a standard the Basic offensive and Defensive Tactics of the 'Ebon Raiders'. Advanced tactics cannot be revealed in this document and so will remain on the Commander's person until required.

Basic Tactics

Offensive Raids
With Mounted Combat
The main force (Raiders) will man the front lines and cause a distraction so a few small groups (Ambush) can slip into enemy territory and slowly destroy them from the inside. A secondary force (Defenders) blocks supply lines/enemy reinforcements to allow enough time for the Raiders and Invaders to capture the territory. A third unit (Cavalry) moves in and out between the Raiders and Defenders to provide support and healing as needed.
Without Mounted Combat
The Cavalry unit will instead be split into 2 support units (1 for the Raiders and 1 for the Defenders). The support for the Raiders will attack in a Wheel Formation so there is always a fresh support team ready in the wings while the support for the Defenders will be an ambush unit that the Defenders lure the enemies into. The Defenders then go into Wall Formation and the Ambush Unit strikes from behind in V Formation to seal off any form of retreat in a pincer formation.

An open ambush counter strategy would involve the Defenders going into Circle formation around the Cavalry unit to prevent our support from being targeted immediately. The Raiders would form and attack in a Wedge formation to breakthrough enemy lines or if a wedge isn't possible than they go into Phalanx Formation with the Circle Formation in the center of it all, with support being provided from within the circle formation.
The Defenders would meet the enemy forces first and form a wall formation to prevent immediate invaders from entering our hold. The Raiders will then flow in from the sides in a Cannae Tactic and force enemy troops towards the center before enveloping them in from all sides.

Military Units - Purpose and Significance

To ensure the proper functioning of the army the 'Ebon Raiders' - as per the designs of Silver-Strider, first Guild Master of the Ebon Raiders - is split into four main battle groups, and a further two specialist groups. Each plays a critical role in the sustenance of the other and cohesion, as such, is paramount to success.

The High Council

"No army, no matter how vast and brilliant, can be led to victory by a fool bearing a General's banner. But a small force, outnumbered and under-equipped, can rise above great odds headed by a Genius."

The High Council is the functioning command center of the army and, by extension, the Guild as a whole. Comprised of only the highest ranking individuals in the Raiders alongside Ambassadors of the Ebonheart Alliance, the Council decides on military action and matters of inter-guild relations. Indeed the High Council also retains authority to set goals outside of the war including partaking in quests and grand auctions.

The Captains of the Ebon Raiders will also oversee a Shadow Rider Unit, either by being directly a part of the Unit or by offering tasks for their Shadow Rider Unit to perform.


"If the Guardians be a shield and Wraiths a dagger, then the Vanguard fall nothing short of a grand and lofty warhammer. Such is the force of their coming that none can hold against it forever."

For the Vanguard there is but one job; strike, and strike hard. This unit forms the bulk of the army and are front and center in every conflict. They lead the charge in battle, on field or hold and dictate where the 'Ebon Raiders' strike next; often through sheer zeal rather than strategic thought. During a siege, their focus is to push their way into an enemy hold once the walls begin to crumble to the warmachines, and then start the fight for the capture of the hold.

When not task with beseiging a hold, Vanguard unit is given liberty to disrupt enemy forces wherever possible. Be it by attacking established supply lines and cutting off resources or engaging in small scale skirmishes. They are, however, not intended to begin a large scale battle on their own accord and any splinter group to do so without their commander's permission will be dealt with accordingly, assuming they ever return.


"Ah the Guardians, the stalwart protectors of the 'Ebon Raiders'. One could not picture a defense more perfect and more impenetrable than that of the Guardians in formation. What, then, can take what the Raiders possess?"

The Guardians, as their name suggests, are the defenders of the Guild. On the field they protect guild territory from the enemy, constantly patrolling lands of importance until called upon by the Council. During a seige, their focus is to protect the warmachines and move to defend against enemy forces. Once the hold walls fall and enemy reinforcements have been dealt with, the Guardians serve as a second wave that will aid the Raiders in the capture of the hold.

Outside of a siege, the Guardians will focus on fortifying defenses by repairing our holds and guarding our resources. They will patrol supply lines and protect assets until called upon by the Council. Any unsanctioned offensive action will be dealt with appropriately and is, evidently, an intolerable act of defiance.


"What army is complete without the Cavalry? Those few who come to the aid of their allies in need, who dishearten those who oppose them with their very approach. What army, I say, is complete without the Cavalry?"

The Cavalry is the life blood of the Ebon Raiders, a force made entirely to support their allies and disrupt the enemy. Whenever in need for support in the face of overwhelming odds, it is the Cavalry who is called upon for assistance. In battle, their focus is to provide relief to their allies through magic and blade by healing and summoning atronachs from other worldly planes, and by relieving members that are endanger of being overtaken.

Outside a siege, the Cavalry are the gatherers, looking for materials needed for crafting and supporting the Guardians and Vanguard in their pursuits. As with the other units, they will rarely take part in combat outside of organized warfare unless forced to be necessity or instructed to by the Council.


"Of wratihs there is little to say, even less to know. They work in the shadows and answer to few, loners and snakes all, one can never know who is to be trusted."

Very little knowledge of the members of Wraith is awarded to those outside of it, and so little is known. Suffice to say that they are the brothers of the shadow, always ahead of the rest, surveying in the dark. They assess, they disrupt, assassinate and steal. By blade, bow and dagger do their work unseen. Without them, and this is beyond question, the Ebon Raiders would fight blindly and surely emerge battered and dumb.

Shadow Riders

The Shadow Riders are the Elite amidst the Raiders. They are the select few taken to partake in duties no one else can accomplish. Much more cannot be said about them, save only that there is one Shadow Rider for each unit, and they answer only to the Council.

website: http://wearetheraiders.enjin.com/home


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